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About A. P. Eagers

A. P. Eagers is Australia’s oldest listed automotive retail group. Over one hundred years on with over 225 locations, A. P. Eagers is proud to build on the platform laid by the company founders.

With the support of A. P. Eagers, 360 Finance has the ability to revolutionise the automotive industry. Being part of an Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) listed company provides us with security and financial support – allowing us to maximise our buying power across our lender panel and secure the lowest rates.

Other businesses in the A. P. Eagers group include:

  • Extensive Franchise Motor Vehicle Dealerships throughout Australia and New Zealand
  • Extensive Franchise Truck Dealerships and Transport Operations throughout Australia and New Zealand
  • Easyauto123 – Fixed Price Used Car Warehouses located nationally
  • Carlins Automotive Auctioneers

Learn more about A. P. Eagers by visiting www.apeagers.com.au 

How our rates compare
We access some of the industry's lowest rates and will always get you your best rate finance.

How our rates compare

We will always get you the best rate
360 Finance
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* The comparison rate helps you work out the total cost of a loan (including fees and charges) and to compare different loans. Data current as of 01/07/2021. Click to view data sources. Chart for illustrative purposes only. For further information on comparison rates, speak to one of our Finance Specialists.

At today's lowest car finance rate of 3.45%
(Comparison rate 4.65%) you'll pay approximately...

$ per *

At today's lowest car finance rate of 3.45%
(Comparison rate 4.65%) you can borrow approximately...


What makes us different?

What makes us different?

Some of our lenders and insurers: