Commercial Hire Purchases For Low Risk Finance

Are you a sole trader, partner in a company or owner of a trading company? Do you use your vehicle mainly for business purposes? Are you looking for a secured finance option with lower interest and still expense your repayments?  Are you looking for benefits such as being able to claim the GST on the purchase upfront.

A Commercial Hire Purchase agreement uses your vehicle as the security on the loan meaning you can access a low interest rate.

This type of finance is ideal for businesses that use the cash method of accounting as they are able to claim the GST associated with the vehicle’s purchase upfront.

What is involved with a Commercial Hire Purchase

The financier secures and pays for a vehicle on your behalf with an offer to hire it back to you for an agreed time frame (the term). During the hire term you do not own the vehicle but you can use it as you see fit.  Ownership passes to you at the end of the term and only after payment of the total price including interest, minus any residual costs.

360 Finance can offer you a Commercial Hire Purchase agreement from Australia’s leading lenders.