The jingles are back, the billboards are up and the car dealers are well under way moving stock out the door for the EOFY sales. It seems like this time of year is a broken record on repeat with the same 0% Car Finance offers* (BEWARE!) and promises from dealership managers to do whatever it takes to clear the cars from the yard.

Fortunately for you, that cracked LP sings great news for buyers, but is it all as good as it seems?

eo(FYI) #1 – Don’t miss out on private sale savings by restricting yourself to dealer sales

With competition in the car sales industry at its peak, let’s not beat around the bush; deals are to be had.

The lure of that new car smell and the shine of a brand new car will surely entice many a buyer into financing a brand new car but before you go rushing off to the dealership, consider that private sellers (just like myself) are doing everything we can to stand out from the noise of radio and tv ads to get our cars out of the garage and S O L D. A quick peek over at Gumtree Cars shows that the private sales market is hot with bargains to be plucked during the 2016 EOFY period.

eo(FYI) #2 – If you do decide to purchase from a dealer, consider separating the finance application from the purchase

As we have always said, the vehicle price shouldn’t be dependent on whether or not you choose to finance through the dealership. Having control over both the sale price and the rate and repayment mean that whatever amount is slashed from the price can quickly be made up by jacking up the rate and repayment. By separating the finance from your purchase, you have the ability to save on both aspects and that is where a broker comes in very handy.

Let’s look at all sides of the story.