Extended Vehicle Warranty Options To Fit Your Budget

Isn’t that warranty period just lovely?  That time when you know that no matter what happens, when it comes to a breakdown or fault, your manufacturer has your back.  It’s that secure feeling you get when you know you are going to be looked after.

Well now you can prolong that feeling of security with an extended vehicle warranty from 360 Finance.  Whether you are purchasing a new or used vehicle, you can protect your investment and avoid any expensive repair bills with Extended Warranty Cover.

We have flexible Extended Vehicle Warranty options to suit your needs and budget.

Here are just a few ways to make the most of our Extended Vehicle Warranty Cover.

  • Cover for a new vehicle covered by a manufacturer’s warranty to extend the original cover.
  • 24 hour breakdown assistance.
  • Cover for a vehicle purchased privately. We have Extended Vehicle Warranty options to give you that peace of mind and ensure you haven’t purchased a lemon!