It’s almost impossible to imagine the variety and scale of natural wonders in Australia. It’s no secret, either, as countless visitors and Australians alike make it a point to see as much of our beautiful country as possible. We’ve talked about it before in The Best Places to Discover on the Back of Your Motorbike, but many of Australia’s most stunning sites are a long journey from civilisation. We won’t be talking about new places to visit today, but we will talk about an extremely useful vehicle for a multi-day, long distance trek: a caravan.

Aussie bush with caravan

Get out and explore!

What’s So Great about Caravans?

Camping in the outback is about as close to nature as you can get. It’s challenge and quite a bit of fun, too, but sleeping in tents for several days in a row on a long outing isn’t exactly comfortable. You might not mind sleeping on the ground, but if you do, a caravan is just the ticket. If you dislike tents or simply want a relatively solid roof over your head for a long camping trip, caravans can make for some comfortable accommodations.

You’re probably familiar with larger caravans—trailers with basic living amenities like a kitchenette, lavatory, bed, and some storage space. If a full-size caravan isn’t feasible for you, then smaller, one-axle units like teardrop or camper type caravans are also viable options. In some cases, you might find them preferable, because one-axle caravans are smaller, lighter, and more able to handle difficult terrain than a full-sized trailer. Tent trailers take the idea even further; they’re simply flatbed box trailers with a removable tent top and are easy to rig up using your own box trailer if you already own one for hauling.

Consider an Australian Caravan

Did you know that there are almost 100 RV manufacturers in Australia? We love our caravans in Australia, and we’re still making them ourselves. Australian-made caravans are designed for the outback, and they’re available in some innovative and exciting designs. For example, there’s a Conquerer Trailer video that’s been making the rounds on Facebook. Its cool, military-style design will let you take it almost anywhere. The RV Manufacturing Association of Australia maintains a list of its members, and if you use that as a starting point, you’ll find many more Australian-made caravan options. However, there are plenty of foreign manufacturers that sell great caravans here in Australia and it can’t hurt to weigh all of your options.

Either way, we’re happy to help you finance your caravan purchase. If you’re shopping for a new caravan, then contact 360 Finance. We can give you caravan financing options for both new and used, foreign and domestic models.