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Consent – Please Read

Our services are provided to adults over the age of eighteen (18) years. By accepting these terms and conditions, you acknowledge that you are over eighteen (18) years of age.


Information To Credit Agencies And Electronic Commercial Messages

Giving Information To A Credit Reporting Agency

I/We acknowledge that 360 Finance may give to a credit reporting agency personal information about me/us to obtain a consumer credit report about me/us, or to allow the credit reporting agency to create or maintain a credit information file about me/us. The information that may be given includes: my identification & that credit may have been applied for and the amount.

The Credit Provider Obtaining Credit Information

To enable the credit provider to assess my/our application for personal or commercial credit and to collect overdue payments relating to credit owed by me/us, I/we authorise the credit provider to obtain: from a credit reporting agency, a credit report containing personal or commercial information about me/us in relation to personal or commercial credit provided to me/us; and from a business which provides information about the commercial creditworthiness of person, information about my commercial activities or commercial creditworthiness.

Exchanging Information With Other Credit Providers

I/We agree that the credit provider may exchange information with other credit providers or lenders named either in this application or in a credit report issued by a credit reporting agency or from a business which provides information about the commercial creditworthiness of person which will be used to: assess my application for credit, assist me to meet or avoid default on my credit obligations and notify other credit providers of a default by me/us. I/We agree that you may disclose personal information to other credit providers at their request if you seek finance from them.

Exchanging Information With Other Parties

 I/We authorise the credit provider to exchange with any other person including but not limited to other credit providers, funders, joint applicants or borrowers, employers, insurers, introducers, lenders, risk managers or service providers:

  • Named in the application form or
  • Named in a credit report issued by a credit reporting agency; or
  • Who prepares or helps me/us to prepare this application; or
  • Who is a broker, accountant, lawyer, valuer, financial adviser or other person assisting me/us; or
  • Who is a party providing insurance, protection or risk management products to the credit provider; or
  • Who is a person arranging, funding or potentially purchasing my/our loan by means of securitisation

Information about my/our credit arrangements, including information about my/our creditworthiness, employment, credit standing, credit history, or credit capacity that the credit provider is allowed to exchange under the Privacy Act 1988.

I/We understand the information may be exchanged for the following purposes: to assess an application by me/us for credit and my/our ongoing creditworthiness; to inform other credit providers as to the status of this loan where I am/we are in default with other credit providers; to assist me/us in meeting or to avoid defaulting on my/our credit obligations; to advise on an outcome or status of my/our credit application or the transactions or status of my/our loan account; to prepare loan and related documentation and to properly execute such documentation; to refer this application to another credit provider for consideration; to assess whether to provide insurance to the credit provider or other credit provider; to evaluate whether to provider risk management products to the credit provider or other credit provider; to prepare access cards or mailing labels; and for direct or indirect marketing (unless you tell us otherwise), planning, product development, research, risk assessment, modelling and loan management purposes.

Electronic Commercial Messages

I/We understand that as part of their commitment to providing me/us with the best service, 360 Finance will from time to time send me/us electronic commercial messages. I/We understand that these messages will be clearly identified as originating from 360 Financial Pty Ltd and each communication will provide a clear unsubscribe facility. I/We understand that if I/we do not wish to receive these electronic commercial messages we will inform 360 Finance in writing or by emailing info@360finance.com.au.

Telephone Calls

I/we consent in advance to receiving phone calls on the number I/we entered on the 360 Finance website. These calls may be between 8pm and 9pm on weekdays, and between 8am and 9pm on Saturdays.

“Refer a Friend” Program Consent

Where I/we have been referred to 360 Finance under the terms and conditions of the “Refer a Friend” program, I/we expressly authorise 360 Finance to share the outcome of my/our application to the third party that referred me/us in order for 360 Finance to meet their obligations under the “Refer a Friend” Program. I/We limit the information shared with the aforementioned third party to the outcome of my/our application only.

I/we understand that I/we may withdraw my/our consent in writing at any time until either the referred application for finance is determined by 360 Finance to be unsuccessful, or the loan settles.

Further Details

Further details about the privacy practices and principles of 360 Finance Pty Ltd are available in our Privacy Policy.

Custom Affiliate Link Terms

A ‘referring customer’ refers to any current 360 Finance Pty Ltd customer who refers a ‘new customer’ using the ‘custom affiliate link’ during the program period.

The ‘referring customer’ can refer multiple ‘new customers’.

The ‘custom affiliate link’ for the ‘referring customer’ comes in the form of a http://360f.in/YourCustomLink shortlink

$300 will be paid to the ‘referring customer’ for every ‘new customer’ that clicks on your ‘custom affiliate link’, leaves an enquiry via lead generating forms on the https://www.360finance.com.au domain and proceeds to settle a loan through 360 Finance Pty Ltd.

The ‘referring customer’ is eligible for $300 as a direct deposit to their bank account from 360 Finance Pty Ltd for every time they successfully refer a ‘new customer’ to 360 Finance.

Funds will be transferred to the nominated account of the ‘referring customer’ within 30 business days of the loan settling for each referred ‘new customer’.

When the ‘custom affiliate link’ is clicked on, it expands out to the following link structure https://www.360finance.com.au/?utm_source=affiliate&utm_content=YourEmailAddress

The referral data stored in the ‘referring customer’s custom affiliate link’ is stored within a COOKIE inside the web browser of the ‘new customer’ for 90 days after your ‘custom affiliate link’ is clicked on. During this time, the ‘new customer’ that clicked on your ‘custom affiliate link’ may clear their browser COOKIES and your data may become lost. 360 Finance Pty Ltd take no responsibility for guaranteeing that your ‘custom affiliate link’ data will be sent within the enquiry from any ‘new customer’.

The referral source is attributed to the first link clicked on that contains referral data. In some situations, your ‘custom affiliate link’ may be clicked on by a ‘new customer’ that has already clicked on an alternative referral source link. In these situations, the referral attribution is given to the initial referral source. 360 Finance Pty Ltd reserve the right to pay referral fees according to the initial referral source.

Your email address is used as your identifier to track referrals made by you meaning that your email address will be shared publicly when sharing your ‘custom affiliate link’.

Your link may be shared further than your initial share. 360 Finance cannot control and takes no responsibility for who your ‘custom affiliate link’ is shared with once you have shared it.

360 Finance Pty Ltd take no responsibility for protecting your email address from view when you choose to share your ‘custom affiliate link’ on social networks, emails and any other channel you choose to share your custom link on.

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What makes us different?

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