Our country spans an entire continent and over 8000 islands, besides. Australia is over half million square kilometres in total area, with 40 distinct, recognised eco-regions. Not only that, but we have cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane bustling with activity and culture. It would be a shame not to take the time to experience as much of Australia as possible and with the right car finance, a spacious car and a group of your best friends, you could be enjoying the sights in no time.

Great ocean road - Australian sign

Great Australian Road Trip

We’ve talked about places to visit before, but not whole, epic road trips. There’s a lot to do and it’s doubtful that anyone could see it all in one go, but why not take the time to go on a serious road trip next summer?

The Red Centre Way

The MacDonnell Ranges’ stark, red mountains give the Red Centre its name. The trail itself extends deep into the Outback and passes by some of Australia’s most iconic geography, including both Uluru / Ayers Rock and Kata Tjuta, two of the world’s most spectacular rock formations. The route begins and ends in Alice Springs. Traveling west from Alice Springs, visitors pass through the MacDonnell Ranges and make their way past Simpsons Gap, Ellery Creek and Ormiston Gorge. Continuing on via the Mereenie Loop, you’ll be able to stop to walk along the Kings Canyon Rim before pressing onwards to Uluru and Kata Tjuta. You’ll pass by Rainbow Valley on your way back north to Alice Springs.

The Great Southern Touring Route

Starting in Melbourne and traveling in a loop from there to Lorne, then to Port Fairy, north to Halls Gap and east back to Melbourne, the Great Southern Touring Route takes you across some of Australia’s most stunning coastline and into the mountains of Grampians National Park. Along the way, you’ll have the chance to watch whales, climb mountains, hike through or drive along primordial rain forests and explore surreal glowworm caves along the Australian coast.

Central Queensland

By choosing to branch off onto various routes along the road from Rockhampton to Winton, you’ll have the chance to see spectacular caves, gemstones, and even remnants of the dinosaurs.

Going west, you’ll first run across the Capricorn Caves, a gigantic cave system that includes the vaulting natural ceilings of Cathedral Cave. Mt. Etna Caves National Park isn’t far away, and nearby are the towns of Emerald, Sapphire and Rubyvale, where you can get a licence to hunt for gems. If you go north, you can tour the Blair Athol Coal Mine and see and learn about some truly interesting history and technology. Continuing west past the Drummond Range to Winton, you’ll see some of Australia’s most ancient sites, where dinosaur remains are regularly uncovered and one of the best-preserved sets of dinosaur tracks in the world can be seen. This is a history buff’s dream route.

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There’s plenty more to see in Australia, too. To find your perfect road trip route, you might have to do a lot of research, but it’s fun research. Don’t be intimidated by all the great places to go and things to do — just sketch out a route, make a few plans and go. You could even base your route on a famous road trip in a film or book.