“Caravanning and camping remains the quintessential Australian holiday, providing escapism from everyday life, through to quality time with loved ones – all at some of Australia’s most spectacular locations.”

Stuart Lamont – CEO Caravan Industry Association of Australia

  • Is caravanning a growth industry?
  • How many people are seeing our country by caravan?
  • What is the average age of a caravan on the road?
  • Are there more caravans in one of Australia’s states than another?
  • How many kilometres are traveled in Australia by caravan each year?

If you have been considering choosing a caravan for your leisure lifestyle options, and want more information about the numbers and usage here are some recent caravan and campervan statistics to help you along.

How Many Caravans Are on The Road?

In the past few years registration of caravans has increased throughout Australia, partially due to the economic climate and partially due to them becoming a preferred choice over a hotel as a way to see more of the wonderful Australian outdoors.

Total Registrations Australia wide for Caravans and Campervans was 414,469 in 2008, and in 2011 was 474,806 which is an increase of 14.56%.

In January 2012, 502,025 caravans and motorhomes were registered in Australia, which is the first time on record that is has been over the half a million mark (figures released July 2013).

Registration of Caravans AustraliaIn a time where the economy is tight, people have found having a caravan to be an effective way to spend quality family time and a worthwhile investment.

How Many People Own a Caravan or Campervan?

The figures show that 90% of caravan and camping activity in Australia in undertaken by domestic travelers, and the majority of people who take this kind of trip are in the 35-49 age bracket, younger travelers with families.

While camper trailers make up the greatest number of caravan registrations, there is a growing trend towards caravans in the 1.6 to 3 tonne range reflecting the popularity of family vans.

The number registered vans per 1,000 population vary greatly from state to state. With WA having the highest combined caravan and campervan registrations at 29.78% and NT the lowest at 5.98%. This data is taken from the 2011 census.

perenctages of caravans australia

How Old are Australian Caravans and Campervans?

There is a great variance in the age of caravans on the road today. Queensland, with an average caravan/motorhome age of 14.1 years, has the youngest fleet in the country. Australia-wide, the average age is 17.6 years, while South Australia has the oldest at 21.8 years.

How Much Money Are Australians Spending on Leisure Goods?

Australians are a culture of people who get the most out of life, including leisure activities, this graph shows the average amounts financed for boats, caravans and trailers in recent years. We can see that the growth was slight from 2007-2009, then a dip in 2011, but great recovery in 2012 and 2013.

Overall it has almost doubled since 2007 from $726,000 to $1,364,000. (Data from Australian Bureau of Statistics) Australians as a whole are taking advantage of opportunities to finance their leisure lifestyle.

Leisure goods financed

How Many Campervans and Motorhomes are Registered in Queensland?

Going to our own state, you can see the growth in registrations has been more steady and a constant rise. From 7,226 in 2003 to 14,630 in 2013, it has doubled in the last decade, there is definitely a lot to see and do in Queensland, and the perfect weather makes an outdoor lifestyle a perfect option.

Queensland Registration motorhomes and campervans

What Distance is Travelled by Caravans and Campervans in a Year?

to the moonThe records of distances traveled show that caravans and campervans in Australia went approximately 607 million kilometers in the one year (2010).

This is equal to driving to the moon and back 790 times, or around Earth 15,172 times, on average each caravan in Australia traveled nearly 12,000 kilometers in a year.

You could easily travel from Brisbane to Sydney and back 6 times in a year!

What’s an unusual place you have been to as a result of travelling in a caravan that you would not have gone to otherwise? How much more of do you think your family would see by taking your holidays in a caravan?

Work out how easy it is to finance a caravan through our caravan finance calculator, and join those who are exploring more of Australia.

The information for these statistics is sourced from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the www.racqliving.com.au,  a compilation from www.freechoicecamps.com.au and a report compiled by BDO Advisory (SA) Pty Ltd, based on a variety of sources including the Motor Vehicle Census as at January 31, 2012.