Just as finding the right vehicle and lender can be tiring without a 360 car finance expert, finding a way to pass the time between stops can be the most excruciating part of a road trip, but it can also be some of the best fun. It all depends on what you do to stay entertained. Gorging on great snacks and listening to music can definitely make for an enjoyable time, but playing a good car game never fails to set the right mood.

Key with puzzle pieces cut out

Have some fun on the road

Passive entertainment like music and audio books can’t hold your attention forever, and they tend to negate the social aspect of a good road trip. That’s where road trip car games come in. Not only do they pass the time, they get people talking and paying attention to their surroundings—always a good idea while driving!


Contact is a great group game in any setting, whether you’re in a car or gathered around a table with some drinks. There’s a bit of a learning curve to it, but the rules of Contact aren’t terribly complicated.

One player, who is ‘it’, comes up with a word or phrase, ideally a fairly long one like ‘car finance’, and tells everyone the first letter, ‘C’. The other players try to come up with words that start with C, and then describe the word without saying it. If one player is thinking the word might be ‘cantelope’, they would say something like, ‘is it a melon?’ If the ‘it’ player thinks of the word, they shut it down by saying, ‘no, it’s not a cantelope’, but if another player thinks they know the word, they say, ‘contact!’ and count to three. Then, both guessers say the word at the same time. If they both say the right word, ‘cantelope’, the next letter, a, has to be given. This continues until someone actually guesses the word.

Word Association Car Games

There are plenty in this category, but they all boil down to the same formula: following a certain rule, one player says a word in response to the last player’s word. The Geography game, for instance, starts with a player saying the name of a city, country, or something similar, and the next has to come up with one that begins with the latter that the last one ends with, ‘Buenos Aires’ and then ‘Sydney’, for example. Trying to carry on a conversation in rhyme is another good, or maddening, one.

Twenty Questions

A classic game, Twenty Questions starts with one player thinking up something, person, place, animal, plant, inanimate object—anything. The other players can then ask up to twenty questions to narrow it down, and finally try to guess what the thing is. Questions like, ‘is it a living thing or not?’ and ‘is it real or fictional?’ are a good way to start, but it gets trickier from there.

If you’re going to take out car finance, then you should try to get as much use and enjoyment out of your car as possible. The fact that we at 360 Finance take that seriously is one of the many things that set us apart, and there are plenty of others. If you’re planning on taking a road trip soon, don’t forget our road trip safety tips.