Have you ever wondered how it is possible for someone to love a car? Maybe it is the make, possibly the power, and curiously some people just love the colour. We have all fallen in love with cars and by no means am I an exception. As a kid I hung posters of Lamborghini Diablos and Porche 911s up on my wall and raced my matchbox cars down the street gutter against my older brother. There is no doubt about it that people hold a strong bond with their vehicles but is this a good thing at purchase time?

Unfortunately this emotion and love for cars can become our downfall when negotiating car finance and buying a car, so get out your animal instincts and learn how to contain your excitement.

When it comes to buying a car, it is easy for a seller to smell any inkling of emotion and capitalise on it like a predator hunting prey. Business managers and sales staff at car yards have highly sensitised sniffers on them and can smell out an easy target from a mile away, so get prepared.

Leopards hunting

Hunt or be hunted

The truth is, when it comes to getting your next car, you need to be cold, heartless and calculated like a robot. You can leave the exciting part until after the deals are done.

Be calculated and fight for finance

Compare, compare, compare and then do it all again. If you have no reason to rush into obtaining finance, why not look at improving your credit score before applying.

Fortunately, when it comes time to talk with a car loan broker, there is no harm in asking for a better rate or a lower repayment. Often people feel that asking for savings is rude, however business is business and any saving you can squeeze in is still a saving.

Don’t just stay settled on your current finance deal. In the future, rates may have dropped and you could be in for some extra savings if you choose to refinance. Repeat the process above and compare again. There are numerous sites like Rate City that can help you get a clear picture of the lowest rate car finance products at any given time.

Hunt in a pack or be hunted;

Have you ever noticed how quickly a sales staff will hunt you down as soon as you enter the yard? This is because to them, you are prey. To turn the tables, bring along some good friends or family members to intimidate the predator. Even a herd of buffalos can ward off a lion, just watch an episode of David Attenborough and you will see.

Be Cold and Heartless

Remember, nobody is in car buying to make friends, the seller wants to sell and the buyer wants to buy, that’s it. Don’t be afraid to drop a low ball offer. It may offend some people, but the worst they can do is say no. Remember that most cars come from production lines these days and that means that there are usually plenty of the same make and model for sale and any given time. If the deal is not right, then don’t feel bad about walking away.

Know what you need

Whether it be price, extras, fuel consumption or speed that you want, pick 3 key points and stick to them. Stick to a strict budget and be prepared to say no to yourself otherwise you might end up with a sports car when what you really need is a family car.

Be patient – The car that you need might be just around the corner

If you are looking to buy a pre-owned vehicle from a private seller, then chances are that the car you are looking for won’t always be on the market. A good tip is to use auto alerts on sites like Gumtree as these can alert you to your email when a car matches your search criteria.
This is perfect for those who are time poor as it means that you don’t have to go searching everyday for your dream car.

Be ready to pounce

If you see a listing that matches your core needs, pounce on it! But remember to stay cold and calculated. Before calling the seller, take a few deep breaths and stay focused. Mention that you want to come for a test drive but don’t over commit. Keep a steady tone and don’t show your cards.

Don’t Budge on your Budget

Get out your calculator and punch in the numbers. Know what you can afford and stick to it, don’t budge. If you become lenient, your weekly repayments will come back to bite.
After the hunt, it’s time to turn those emotions back on and get excited, because now you know you got the lowest price on the car for the best rate car finance without being eaten alive.

Also, know that after all of this, you have made a good friend in your car loan broker. Not only did they help you on your journey to owning that dream car, but they will help you save money on the journey ahead. That sounds like a win/win to me…