We all know that while motorcycles have a lot of intrinsic advantages over cars — they’re more fuel efficient, easier to park, and the bike finance repayments are generally more affordable — however, you do give up some of a car’s advantages. For instance, you can’t listen to music on a motorcycle, there’s less storage space and you don’t have a full-sized dashboard to inform you of everything that’s going on with the machinery. That doesn’t mean that you’ve got no options to customise or improve your bike as you would a car, though! There’s a lot you can add on.

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Great add-ons for motorbikes

1. Navigation isn’t Just for Cars

Most people think of a GPS navigation system as a bulky, dashboard-mounted thing that couldn’t possibly have a place on a motorbike. While that used to be true when GPS devices actually were huge, now you can get ones that only take up 15 or so square centimetres, a footprint that won’t obstruct your line of sight and won’t drag or fly off due to the force of the wind. Keeping yourself from getting lost has never been so easy.

2. Keep it Steady: Throttle Assist

Throttle creep is a real and dangerous thing, especially when you’re riding down long stretches of road or highway. Throttle creep is when you instinctively push forward on the throttle a little too much, so that while you feel in your wrist that you’re going steady, you’re actually gradually accelerating. You might not notice until you’re pulled over for speeding or worse, you try to turn at a dangerous speed. Throttle assists apply that pressure for you and maintain your speed without any trouble. If you want to speed up or slow down, simply move the assist and it will push the throttle along and keep it where it should be.

3. Keeping in Touch: Helmet-Mounted Communication Systems

In a car, you have the luxury of being able to talk to anyone else who happens to be inside the vehicle. On a motorbike, you have no such luck. Even if you’ve got someone else riding on your bike, you have to scream at the top of your lungs for them to hear you. Furthermore, you can’t even use a dash-mounted mobile phone system due to all of the wind.

Someone cleverer than us must have thought the same thing, because you can now buy helmets with voice-activated communication systems. There are a few options for these, but the most common are Bluetooth sets that let you talk to anyone nearby who has a similar system. Others rely on CB radio or can work with a mobile phone, giving you a lot of freedom to communicate.

There you have it: you don’t have to sacrifice all the extra functionality of a car when you buy a bike. There are plenty more options for your motorbike, so do your research before buying. However, we think that the three above are some of the best. If you’re financing your bike, you should try to get something you’ll really love, and we want to help you do that. Get in touch with 360 Finance, and we’ll find you the bike finance package you need to get all the best options on your new motorbike.