Isn’t this the age old question… Whether it’s a profile test, a test of manliness or a test on how realistic your goal setting is, everyone knows what their dream car would be… In fact have a read of the below and see what category you fall into.

We’ve got two basic categories of cars which 90% of people will fall into, now you have to imagine for a second you’ve just won the lotto, price is no object and you can have whatever you like. Now quickly imagine your dream car!

Firstly we’ve got the prestige car… These are the Ferrari’s , Lamborghini’s, Bugatti’s and Mercedes Benz of the world. This is probably the most common answer, you can obviously guess why… It’s simply the level you’ve achieved by owning one of these high-end top of the line machines…

Car Shaped Cloud

Imagine that!

With price tags starting at $300,000 just to get the badge on the car let alone getting well into the $millions for the top of the range in this category you can imagine why the majority of people “dream” of these beautiful machines… I mean if money really was no object, would you say no to one?

Everything is fully customisable in these cars, from the colour of the paint to how many logos you want to have in and around the car, but hey if you’re dumping that much into a car what’s an extra $1,500 – $10,000 per logo?

Most people that envisage these cars aren’t “goal setting” perse it’s just a pipe dream, this is generally the answer to “If you won $100 million what would you buy?”..

Secondly we’ve got the classic / muscle car… In this bracket you’ve got your Ford Mustangs, Pontiac Firebirds, HQ Monaros and of cause the Shelby Cobras… We can all picture cruising down a winding highway in one of these gorgeous automobiles can’t we? Arm out the window, hair flowing, haters hating…

These cars bring out a certain nostalgia for everyone, whether it be your first car or the car you remember your Dad or Grandad getting around in, most people can bring these cars into an emotional purchase which can make them just as desirable as the first category, with one major difference, they’re actually within reach! I know, shock and amazement!

Most Classic and muscle cars start from about $15 – $20k however you get what you pay for. If you have the spare cash to jump into one that has been fully restored, if you have the know-how or just want to put a bit of your blood, sweat and tears into it buy a fixer-upper! You get the choice with an older car so enjoy the decision making!

So which one are you? Do you prefer the prestige of a Ferrari or the low grumble of a Ford Mustang? Whichever you choose as long as you can make it your own you should consider yourself to have achieved you goal. For those of you who are seeking a personalised car, 360 are here to help you get behind the wheel sooner. Not only can we help you source an affordable car finance package, but we can help you track down that one of a kind car you have been dreaming of.