As we head towards the end of the year and people start to plan their Christmas break a lot of us will take to the roads on epic road trips. I love a great road trip, travelling by car is a great way to see things that you normally would miss if you fly. Road trips can also work out to be a lot cheaper than flying especially for families. Some of my favourite road trips I have personally done have been in America, driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in a convertible Ford Mustang is a great experience. This 5 hour journey takes you through a desert that seems vast and endless baring the occasional pocket of fast food restaurants before you hit the small town on the border of Nevada called Primm. Primm has a big outlet mall and just to get you prepared for Las Vegas… a couple of casinos Whiskey Petes and Buffalo Bills, there seems to be a theme in Primm. You continue your journey through the vast nothingness for another 45 minutes until seemingly out of nowhere the towering buildings that make up the Las Vegas strip appear on the horizon.

Now there is a few essentials for every road trip so before you head out on the open road make sure you have your checklist at the ready.

Arrow On Sign That Says Road Trip

A top class crew

This is the most important aspect of any road trip, the people in the car with you. Now this could be your partner and kids or a collection of your closest friends. A road trips enjoyment can be made or destroyed by the people with you. Make sure there is at least one person who can split the driving with you especially if it is a long journey, tired drivers do not make for fun safe road trippers.

A great playlist

Now we all know that the person in the passenger seat fills two roles that are almost more important in road tripping then the driver themselves. The first of these roles is head of navigation however this role is vastly secondary to their role as head DJ. The music becomes a huge part of the road trip experience and even more so of the memories left with you when the road trip is all said and done. It could be years later and you will hear a song from your road trip and be instantly transported back to that moment. Now the old days of taking a folder of CDs is long gone with MP3 players. iTunes radio and Spotify giving us access to nearly every song ever recorded.

Trash bags

I cannot emphasise this one enough, bring plastic bags for your rubbish. Whether it be the kids’ chips packets or empty drink bottles road trips generate a large amount of rubbish. The last thing you need is to have it strewn around the vehicle and getting under every ones feet. Take some plastic bags put the rubbish in them and dispose of them at your next stopping point. No mess and no 3 day old pizza crust sitting in the back seat.


Now I know smart phones have almost made cameras redundant for casual photography but when you are out exploring the world on the open road you never know what amazing sights you will come across. A good quality SLR camera is the best way to capture these sights. A smartphone will be perfect for the in car “action” shots, but a real camera is always a great addition.

Snacks and Drinks

Now I know you can buy snacks from the petrol stations along the way but you pretty much have to give up your first born child and although the prospect of this may be enticing to some parents I cannot recommend it. Visit your local supermarket before you hit the road and stock up on your favourite chips and candies. Don’t forget to pack bottled water and soft drinks as well. You can end up paying 5 bucks a bottle from a side of the highway petrol station when you can pay half that or less from your local supermarket.

Esky or Cooler

While we are on the topic of drinks a plug in cooler or a basic Esky with a few ice packs in it makes a massive difference. Summer is road trip season therefore its likely to be pushing the 30 degree mark as you hurl down the highway. This is not optimum conditions for drinks staying cold and no one wants to be drinking hot water. Investing in a cigarette lighter powered drink cooler is a great option and you can pick them up for as low as $40 from Dick Smith. Alternatively you can fill up your normal Esky with a couple of frozen ice packs and replace them with bags of ice as you go.

Roadside Assistance

Road Trip Assistance
The last thing you need when out driving is to break down and not be able to get going again. We aren’t all bush mechanics so most of us need a little help when this happens. Having roadside assistance gives you the ability to call someone who will come to you and be able to fix whatever mechanical malady you have and can be a life saver in many occasions. If you are getting a car loan through 360 Finance be sure to ask your broker about the Mechanical Breakdown insurance option that can be added to your loan so you don’t have to worry about this again.

Deodorant and Wet Wipes

Okay guys… we are all friends here to I feel like I can share. I am a sweaty guy, when it gets hot I get sweaty and this is not only uncomfortable but also not the best smelling situation especially if I am in a cramped car with you. Now I am banking on the idea that I am not the only one who shares this issue. So sweaty brethren do not fear for we can still enjoy the road trip lifestyle! Simply take a roll on deodorant with you and make sure you apply it every few hours. Another great tip is to bring wet wipes along for the drive. These are great not just for my sweaty brothers and sisters but it is always nice after a few hours of sitting in the car to give yourself a bit of a wipe down.

So before you head out on your next road trip make sure you have yourself packed up and ready to go. A road trip is a great way to celebrate your car loan settlement, hit the road with your friends and family and see what our wonderful country has to offer.

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