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Receive $300 when you refer a friend or family member for finance.

360 Finance’s ‘Refer A Friend’ Program rewards our customers for referring their friends and family to 360 for low rate finance. 


Refer a friend or family member to 360 Finance via our Refer a Friend form and when their low rate finance settles with us, you will receive $300 cold hard cash!*  You can refer as many people as you like for a range of assets including new or used cars, boats, bikesjetskiscaravanstrucksbusiness equipment and even personal loans for debt consolidation.

Each time you complete our online ‘Refer a Friend’ form you will be provided with a unique Referral Code for each referral to confirm the details you provide to us.  This code will be used to ensure you receive payment once the finance settles.


The ‘Refer a Friend’ program rewards our loyal customers for referring a friend or family member for finance through 360 Finance Pty Ltd.

Anyone can refer a ‘new customer’ to 360 Finance using the ‘Refer a Friend’ form directly or via the Custom Affiliate Link provided to 360 Finance customers (see details below).

The ‘referring customer’ is eligible for a $300 thank you gift paid via direct deposit to their bank account for each ‘new customer’ referral that successfully settles finance with to 360 Finance.

A ‘new customer’ is defined as someone who has never dealt with 360 Finance, placed an enquiry for finance or had finance brokered by 360 Finance in the past.

The ‘referring customer’ must use the ‘Refer a Friend’ form and obtain a referral code to be eligible to claim their $300 referral payment.

The ‘referring customers’ must include their own details on the ‘Refer a Friend’ form for 360 Finance to notify them when they are eligible to receive their referral payment.

The ‘referring customer’ can refer multiple ‘new customers’ via the form or their Custom Affiliate Link.

The ‘referring customer’ must get the express permission of the ‘new customer’ to pass on the ‘new customers’ contact information and details to 360 Finance and for 360 Finance to contact them.

$300 is only payable on ‘referred’ finance applications that are arranged and settled through 360 Finance and not on the submission of contact details via the form alone.

The ‘referring customer’ will be notified via email or phone when the referred finance settles and will be requested to send bank account / payment details to 360 Finance to arrange the referral payment.

The $300 will be released from 360 Finance Pty Ltd into the ‘referring customers’ account once all details have been verified and approved by 360 Finance.

Ineligible Referrals: Verbal referrals, referrals not provided via our ‘Refer a Friend’ form; or referrals provided after the ‘new customer’ has already made an enquiry or contact with us, are ineligible for payment of the referral fee.


A Custom Affiliate Link is the unique link supplied to you on settlement of your own finance that allows you to share the link with family, friends and even social media to refer people you know to 360 Finance. Below are additional Terms and Conditions plus Privacy information regarding the use of the Custom Affiliate Link.

A ‘referring customer’ refers to any current 360 Finance Pty Ltd customer who refers a ‘new customer’ using the ‘custom affiliate link’ during the program period.

The ‘referring customer’ can refer multiple ‘new customers’.

The ‘custom affiliate link’ for the ‘referring customer’ comes in the form of a http://360f.in/YourCustomLink shortlink or https://www.360finance.com.au?utm_source=affiliate&utm_content=

$300 will be paid to the ‘referring customer’ for every ‘new customer’ that clicks on your ‘custom affiliate link’, leaves an enquiry via lead generating forms on the https://www.360finance.com.au domain and proceeds to settle a loan through 360 Finance Pty Ltd.

The ‘referring customer’ is eligible for $300 as a direct deposit to their bank account from 360 Finance Pty Ltd for every time they successfully refer a ‘new customer’ to 360 Finance.

Funds will be transferred to the nominated account of the ‘referring customer’ within 20 business days of the loan settling for each referred ‘new customer’.

When the ‘custom affiliate link’ is clicked on, it expands out to the following link structure https://www.360finance.com.au/?utm_source=affiliate&utm_content=YourEmailAddress

The referral data stored in the ‘referring customer’s custom affiliate link’ is stored within a COOKIE inside the web browser of the ‘new customer’ for 90 days after your ‘custom affiliate link’ is clicked on. During this time, the ‘new customer’ that clicked on your ‘custom affiliate link’ may clear their browser COOKIES and your data may become lost. 360 Finance Pty Ltd take no responsibility for guaranteeing that your ‘custom affiliate link’ data will be sent within the enquiry from any ‘new customer’.

The referral source is attributed to the first link clicked on that contains referral data. In some situations, your ‘custom affiliate link’ may be clicked on by a ‘new customer’ that has already clicked on an alternative referral source link. In these situations, the referral attribution is given to the initial referral source. 360 Finance Pty Ltd reserve the right to pay referral fees according to the initial referral source.

Your email address is used as your identifier to track referrals made by you meaning that your email address will be shared publicly when sharing your ‘custom affiliate link’.

Your link may be shared further than your initial share. 360 Finance cannot control and takes no responsibility for who your ‘custom affiliate link’ is shared with once you have shared it.

360 Finance Pty Ltd take no responsibility for protecting your email address from view when you choose to share your ‘custom affiliate link’ on social networks, emails and any other channel you choose to share your custom link on.

The $300 will be released from 360 Finance Pty Ltd into the ‘referring customers’ account once all details have been verified and approved by 360 Finance.

Refer a Friend & Affiliate Link FAQ’s

Q. How do I copy my link?
A. If you are on a computer, right click your link and choose “Copy Link Address”. If you are on a phone, you can hold your link and choose “Copy Link Address”. This may vary from phone to phone.

Q. What is shared when sharing my link?
A. Only your email address is shared so that we can communicate with you for referral emails

Q. Can I earn more than one referral payment?
A. Yes you can – It’s not limited to your friends or family, you can refer friends of friends, colleagues and even strangers!

Q. Does this offer expire?
A. There is no expiry on this offer, however If for some reason we decide to withdraw it in the future, we will advise all our customers via email, and remove it from our website.

Q. What if the person I refer to you is not successful in obtaining a loan?
A. We will only pay the fee for loan applications that settles – unsuccessful applications will not result in a referral payment.

Q. I have a friend who already has a loan through 360 Finance. Can I claim this payment for past referrals?
A. No, we can’t apply this retrospectively.

Q. Can I refer a friend of mine who has a business?
A. Absolutely! 360 Finance has a range of both consumer and commercial lenders on our lending panel and we would welcome the opportunity to assist ABN holders with a commercial loan application.

Q. Can I get the payment if I refer myself?
A. No. As a valued customer, you will already know that you will be getting a great deal on your loan through 360 Finance and this incentive payment won’t be available to subsequent loans in your own name. Talk to your finance specialist about what other options may be available to you as a repeat customer.

Q. How long does it take to receive my $300 if I meet the criteria?
A. Our aim is to make the $300 payment within 20 working days of receiving confirmation that the referred loan has settled.

If you still have any questions, feel free to give us a call on etc etc etc etc etc etc etc

*For more information and terms and conditions, please visit https://www.360finance.com.au/refer-a-friend. It’s also worth remembering that the 360 Finance ‘Refer A Friend’ Program does not take into account your personal circumstances, or the personal circumstances of anyone you refer to us.

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