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Cash Flow Funding to help run and grow your business.

Cash flow is vital for a business survival.   Small businesses in particular can be the hardest hit from external factors such as seasonal fluctuations, staffing costs, business downturn or equipment maintenance.

Cash Flow Funding is a fast and cost-effective form of short-term lending that can be used to keep the day-to-day operation of your business running smoothly or to kick-start your business growth strategies.

Cash Flow finance, unlike traditional commercial bank loans, use different lending criteria which are less stringent – perfect for new businesses who have less formal financials. Lenders of Cash Flow finance can usually approve finance within 24 hours with very minimal qualifying criteria for Cash Flow loans from $5,000 – $250,000.

Extra working capital for day-to-day business.

Cash Flow Funding can provide the extra working capital you need to keep your business running smoothly from day-to-day. It can provide the bit of help you need when you are both waiting for payments from your customers and needing to pay your suppliers.

Cover shortfall in wages or employment costs

Cash Flow Funding can provide funds to cover shortfall in staffing costs such as wages, superannuation or training costs. You might be gearing up for business growth with new employees recruited, need to carry out staff training or having to pay higher wages during public holidays.

Extra funds to purchase additional inventory

Cash Flow Funding can provide you with the short-term cash you need to purchase additional inventory to meet seasonal stock demands, to capitalise on a new product or take advantage of discounted inventory which is available for a limited time.

Extra funds to ramp up your marketing

Cash Flow Funding can provide you with additional funds to cover the marketing expenses you need to grow your business in 2019. This could be ramping-up or initiating a new digital marketing campaign, running a brand activations, sponsoring events or purchasing merchandise.

Extra funds to invest or maintain equipment

All businesses need equipment of some kind for day-to-day business. For some, this could be the POS systems or refrigeration, for others it could be a Commercial Coffee Machine or Printing Press. Cash Flow Funding can provide extra funds to either purchase new equipment or cover the cost of repairing or maintaining equipment in good order.

We have access to some of the lowest industry commercial rates allowing us to be highly competitive and get your best rate finance.
Our Commercial Team takes time to understand your business needs then works to find the best cash flow funding solutions for you.
Fast approvals
Cash Flow Funding finance can be approved in as little as 24 Hours and funds can be arranged to be in your account the next day.
Cash Flow Funding is an easy and cost-effective form of unsecured finance with redraws available and all with no early termination fees.

What makes us different?

What makes us different?

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