Working in the advertising and marketing field it is only natural that I gravitate toward clever campaigns from advertising firms that inject fun, comedy, cheekiness and strokes of genius into their TV and Radio ads.

With the US Automotive industry spending upwards of 7.3 Billion on advertising in 2015 to feature ads on mobile devices, PC’s and at prime time during the Superbowl, it is no surprise that car advertising is and will continue to be very big business.

However, in this David and Goliath battle, it isn’t always the one with the biggest budget and flashiest adverts that win over our hearts.


#1 – Bugger! Toyota Hilux (First aired in 1999) by Saatchi & Saatchi in NZ

For as long as I can remember, the Toyota Hilux has been the centrepiece of countless brilliant ads. Who could forget the talking cow advert for the unbreakable Hilux of 2007 with classic punch lines of “Afternoon ladies… “ and “Out of the way sheep shagger!”.

Unfortunately, the CGI in this ad would have put the budget a bit too high for this list. Fortunately Toyota Hilux ads are a plenty with one standout being the “Bugger” advertisement of 1999. This low key advert is just what we love and involves a few everyday situations showcasing Toyota’s well renowned power, durability and strength.

Bugger! Bugger Me, Oooh Bugger… Ohhh the memories.

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#2 Holden – Football, Meat Pies, Kangaroos and Holden Cars (1970s)

Showcasing images of Aussie rules football, classic meat pies, kangaroos, bikini clad girls and throwing a classic Holden into the mix is an absolute recipe for success.

A catchy repetitive song that will undoubtedly be stuck in my head for at least the next 2 days compliments the imagery and really hit’s home about the lucky lifestyle we have in Australia.

If you love to have a catchy tune playing on repeat in your cerebral cortex, then I definitely recommend clicking play below.

#3 Subaru Outback – Made for Australiana

With only a couple of expensive panoramic shots creeping in at the tail end of this advertisement, the crew at Subaru have been blessed with a true blue Australian classic. Written by comedy legend Billy Birminham, the advert truly captures the wonders of our great country by twisting pronunciations of geographical locations around Australia into every day dialogue. Simply quoting the lines from the advert won’t do it justice so I advise you jump on this link and enjoy.

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#4 Get Agro – Mitsubishi Car Commercial (1993 clearance)

Agro’s cartoon connection played by comedian Jamie Dunn was a huge hit in the 90s. No wonder Mitsubishi jumped on the bandwagon and used Agro’s fame to promote their brand. “Getting Agro” to get a better deal encouraged consumers to have the confidence to ask for a discount at the dealership. I love how Agro asks for a factory bonus on every model in the range… classic!

#5 – 1999 Holden Barinageddon

Whilst not technically an authorised advertisement for Holden and hence why it is at the middle of the list, the cleverness behind this advertisement can’t be questioned. Having owned a 98 Barina myself, I can completely relate to the “Matching seats” and the “Always Garaged” selling points. Racking up a whopping 1,329,294 views as of now, you should definitely take a look!

#6 Toyota Camry Chicken (1991)

Topping the list in the “low budget” department, this Camry advert from Toyota was apparently filmed in the quiet neighbourhood of Hunters Hill, Sydney in the early nineties. The best looking Camry ever they say with both “special hubcaps and colour coded bumpers”. Well, I am definitely impressed.

Now I am not sure if it just me but how does a puppet chicken crossing the road have anything to do with selling a Toyota Camry? The advert was so popular that during the 90s you could even buy a Camry Chicken/RAV4 Camel/Corolla Bull from the dealership. Merchandising at its best.

#7 Ford Falcon Banned Cane Toad Advert

After searching high and low for a classic Aussie Ford advert, it soon dawned on me that Ford makes some of the most terribly mundane adverts in the car industry. Even with a posh voice over touting unprecedented power and handling, Ford seems to suck away all the excitement of owning one of its cars.

When Ford finally decided to think outside of the box and hired the expertise of advertising firm Exit Films, they hit gold. Showcasing 2 robotic puppet cane toads, the advert definitely grabbed viewers’ attention. Take a look below to see why this advert was never meant for TV audiences.

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#8 – Citroen Berlingo Radio Advert

Fitting snugly in our low budget list is a Citroen Berlingo advert that was taken off air after a stream of complaints to the advertising standards board (ASB). Featuring bleeped out profanities using every day sounds such as lawn mowers and horns, listeners k**ked up a f*ss about how clearly the words could be inferred by their children, hence the swift takedown.

The Citroen damage control team should be commended as after searching online, I can’t seem to track down a link to let you listen to it, in fact it is even harder than tracking down Wally! Keep watching this space

#9 Big Fat Cheque – Nissan Car Yard

Coming off more like a late night telemarketer advert than a car commercial, I am surprised that Nissan didn’t throw in a set of free knives in this tacky advert. I have no idea why I love this ad so much but the idea of getting a big fat cheque in the mail can’t be too bad. “You know what’s missing if you don’t get a Nissan”.

I can guarantee you that if 360 Finance ever produces a TV advertisement, we will never advertise our car finance rates in this format. Hold me to that promise!

Tip: Jump to the 27th second of this video to find the advert.

#10 – JB Holden Camira TV Commercial 1982 – Australia’s First SuperCar

Lining up with the year that the movie Tron was released, this advert is the complete opposite of low budget, but if you made it this far in the article then you deserve a little treat. Can you imagine the cost to include UFO’s, lasers and 3D graphics into an advert in 1982! It would have been astronomical!

Hailing the Camira as a Supercar, and claiming the car was “energy in its newest and most efficient form”, the advert would have certainly turned heads. If I wasn’t negative 1 years old at the time, I would have definitely been sucked into buying one.

So there you have it, my Top 10 Aussie TV car advertisements of all time. If you see a car advert on TV or hear one on radio that offers fantastic finance rates, take a step back and understand that if the dealership has control over both the finance and the sale price of the car, how can you possibly get a good deal?

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