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Jet ski finance

A jet ski may feel like a luxury not many people can afford, but thanks to jet ski finance, it’s more affordable than ever. 

Jet ski finance enables you to get out on the water sooner. When you take out a jet ski loan, you borrow the loan amount from your lender, and then pay it off in regular repayments for a set loan term. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your life with a jet ski, don’t let the challenge of getting the right financing in place stop you, it’s now easier than ever to get help with jet ski finance. 

With many jet ski finance options available, there is something to suit all circumstances and budgets. You can use our finance calculator to find out how much you can expect to pay, or to determine what loan rates may be within your budget. Repayments can be made weekly, fortnightly or monthly, and are calculated based on the loan amount and interest rates on the loan. 

Whether you’re looking to purchase your first jet ski or upgrade to a better model, our 360 Finance Specialists can help you with your marine finance. 

Why choose 360 Finance?

360 Finance provides the best rate finance solution for a variety of financing needs. We partner with over 60 banks and non-bank lenders to offer you the most competitive terms and lowest rates on your jet ski finance. 

It doesn’t need to be overly complicated to get your jet ski finance sorted. At 360 Finance, we do all the leg work for you, to make the process as simple as possible, to get you out on the water as soon as possible. 

As finance experts, we can help secure a low rate loan from our panel of lenders, and find the best loan to meet your requirements. 

If you need insurance for your jet ski, we can help you with that too. Marine insurance is a crucial aspect of jet ski ownership as it protects you and your vessel in the case of an accident, or if it is damaged or stolen. 

Whether you’re looking for a new or used jet ski, boat, or yacht or to upgrade an existing one, 360 Finance can help. Contact our team to get started on your jet ski loan today and you can start planning your next adventure out on the water.

Jet Ski Finance options

Lower rates • Higher borrowing limits • 1-7 year terms

A Secured Loan is finance provided for the specific purpose of purchasing a new, near new or used jet ski (or Personal Water Craft). Secured Loans offer the most competitive rates and repayments compared to other loan types by using the jet ski as security for the loan. With the jet ski as security, our panel of lenders can offer you lower interest rates as their risk is lowered in the unlikely event of default of the loan. A Secured Loan is a great option if you are wanting to buy a jet ski within a set monthly repayment budget.

Speak to one of our Finance Specialists to determine the most suitable loan option for you.

Greater Flexibility • Ideal for older jet skis • 1-7 year terms

An Unsecured Loan is finance that can be provided to purchase a new, near new or used jet ski (or Personal Water Craft) without the jet ski being held as security in the unlikely event of payment default. Also known as a Personal Loan, Unsecured Loans offer a greater level of flexibility than other loan types, however as the lenders risk is slightly higher by not having any security over the loan, interest rates offered can be a little higher. An Unsecured Loan is ideal for purchasing older or unique jet skis or if you simply want the freedom to sell your jet ski down the track without impacting on your finance arrangements.

Speak to one of our Finance Specialists to determine the most suitable loan option for you.

We have access to some of the lowest industry rates allowing us to be highly competitive and find your best rate finance.
We do the running around for you in comparing finance options and rates from over 60 lenders.
Fast approvals
We work hard to get your loan approved fast. Same day approvals are available - ask us how!
Flexible terms
We find and compare loan options that best suits your needs and budget with flexible 1-7 year terms available.

At today's lowest boat finance rate of 6.75%
(Comparison rate 6.75%) you'll pay approximately...

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At today's lowest boat finance rate of 6.75%
(Comparison rate 6.75%) you can borrow approximately...


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