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Let us find you a low rate and flexible unsecured personal loan today!

We have been helping our customers achieve their goals with low rate personal loans since 2007. Unsecured Personal Loans are a great option to finance just about anything without having an asset held as security for the loan. So whether you want to embark on a holiday, purchase some hobby equipment or just need a bit of extra cash for home renovations, we can find you a great unsecured personal loan to suit your budget and needs from our panel of over 20 leading Australian bank and non-bank lenders.

If it is a new car, boat, bike or campervan that you are after, we also specialise in Secured Loans which can provide even better finance rates with the asset held as security on the loan for flexible terms of 2-7 years.

Holiday now. Pay back over time.

Unsecured Personal Loans are a perfect way to book that holiday or 'once in a life time' overseas adventure and pay it off over time. Why not get finance pre-approved, and get ready to jump on those discounted holiday or flight deals as soon as you see them.

Consolidating your debts can save you money.

Sometimes life throws us curve balls, unexpected expenses and changes to our financial situation that can result in us having a couple of different loans or debts. An Unsecured Personal Loan is a great option if you want to consolidate your debts into easy monthly payment on one loan.

Easy extra cash to improve your investment.

If you are wanting a bit of extra cash to install much needed air conditioning and carpet in your house or need a more substantial amount to building an extension for cinema room or man cave, an Unsecured Personal Loan could provide you with the funds you need to upgrade your home with low rates and flexible terms.

Don't hold back on your hobbies.

Hobbies add a bit of fun and balance in our life but sometimes the equipment needed can be expensive. From woodworking lathes and photography equipment to kitesurfing boards and triathlon bikes, a Unsecured Personal Loan can provide the funds you need to kick start a new hobby or expand one you are already into.

Finance for health and wellbeing.

Unsecured Personal Loans can be the bit of help you need to fund a medical procedure, health or wellbeing goal. Such as laser eye surgery, cosmetic procedures, dental or even a wellness retreat!

We have access to some of the lowest industry rates allowing us to be highly competitive and find your best rate finance.
We do the running around for you in comparing finance options and rates from over 20 lenders.
Fast approvals
We work hard to get your loan approved fast. Same day approvals are available - ask us how!
Flexible terms
We find and compare loan options that best suits your needs and budget with flexible 1-7 year terms available.
How our rates compare
We access some of the industry's lowest rates and will always get you your best rate finance.

How our rates compare

We will always get you the best rate
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* The comparison rate helps you work out the total cost of a loan (including fees and charges) and to compare different loans. Data current as of 01/05/2022. Click to view data sources. Chart for illustrative purposes only. For further information on comparison rates, speak to one of our Finance Specialists.

At today's lowest personal finance rate of 5.95%
(Comparison rate 5.95%) you'll pay approximately...

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At today's lowest personal finance rate of 5.95%
(Comparison rate 5.95%) you can borrow approximately...


What makes us different?

What makes us different?

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