Save money and time with our one stop ‘Find and Finance’ car locator service.

Are you fed up with running from dealer to dealer, feeling pressured and confused by sales spin? Save yourself the hassle, the legwork and some dollars too with the 360 Finance Car Finder Service.

Imagine no more dealers and no more tedious negotiations… just your dream car at a great price.

A Happy ‘Find and Finance’ Customer

Choosing the ideal car at the best possible price

Choosing a car is not so simple in today’s modern car market.  The car industry in Australia offers so much choice, from imported to locally manufactured vehicles. Plus you have options such as make, model, fuel economy, manual versus automatic transmission, a raft of mechanical and electronic gadgetry, luxury or prestige and the list goes on. Add in the simple option of colour and you may find it hard to get the exact car you want at the right price.  Once you have decided on a specific vehicle, it can be hard to imagine another exactly the same that you can compare on price.

Any car, we’ll find the best price

We source your vehicle of choice or provide a selection of vehicles according to your preferences.  Be amazed at the savings we can achieve for you on new or used cars.  You tell us exactly the car you want.  Be as specific as you want including the make, model, colour and a list of any features you need.

Perhaps it is a white 2013 X5 BMW with leather interior.  Perhaps it is a red Holden SS ute with a tow bar and a bull bar.  It doesn’t matter what car it is, we can take the guess work out the price of a deal.  As Licensed Motor Dealers we can source vehicles nationwide from a network of Motor Dealers, Dealer Auction Houses and Wholesalers, meaning we’ll be sure to get the best possible offer.

Once we have found the best offer or offers, we can negotiate the very best deal for you at a price you will love.  Even if you think you have found a good car at a good price, expect to save $100s or even $1000s on your new car using this service.  And best of all, our car finder service, like our finance broking service, is completely free and will save you money.

What are the benefits of a car finder service?

The 360 car finder service offers you so many advantages:

  • A dedicated car finder consultant
  • The best price on your dream vehicle
  • No more emotional negotiations
  • Easy access to finance
  • No more going from dealer to dealer each weekend
  • Even if you have a quote, we can usually beat it
  • We look after the processes from finance application to driving away in your new car

Start by calling 1300 361 360 or use the Car Procurement Form to experience the new way of purchasing your next vehicle.

Happy ‘Find & Finance’ Customer