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What is a Vehicle Warranty and why might you need one.

When you purchase a new car you are covered by the Manufacturer’s warranty for lengths of 3-7 year depending on the manufacturer and the warranty they choose to provide.  When you purchase a near new or used car, you may only have the benefit of part of the manufacturer warranty or no warranty at all. This is where extended warranties come in.

An Extended Vehicle Warranty, such as those available from 360 Finance, are designed to provide levels of protection for new, near new and used vehicles after the Manufacturer’s warranty expires and during an age that a vehicle is more likely to suffer unexpected mechanical failure. An Extended Warranty can protect you against the financial impact of these unexpected breakdowns which depending on the type of failure, can be a significant amount.

Different levels of cover are available for different asset types, asset age, kilometres driven and the cover amount you require.  Some policies also provide additional cover for the costs associated with the breakdown such as towing, car hire, locksmith services and in some cases accommodation.

Benefits of an Extended Vehicle Warranty

Peace of mind in the event of a breakdown
Cover for Mechanical and Electrical failures
Can improve the resale of your used car
Covers selected Parts and Labour

Additional Insurances available

Protect against the unexpectedwith Loan & Asset Insurances

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