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Benefit from the expertise of our Commercial Finance team.

Since 2007, we have been helping businesses of all sizes with low rate Business Car Finance or Light Commercial Loans to grow their business – whether it’s buying that first business vehicle or an upgrading an entire fleet of vans.

Our Commercial Finance team specialise in helping our business customers achieve their business and asset goals by taking time to understand the business needs for now and in the future. They then work to find a tailored business car finance option to suit your business and accounting structure.

So whether you are starting your own small business, need a car for general work purposes or looking for a fleet of grunty 4×4s with accessories, our Commercial Finance Specialists can find a tailored business car finance solution for your business from our panel of over 20 leading Australian bank and non-bank lenders.

  • Suitable for any vehicle operated on a standard car license
  • Flexible commercial options for anyone who use the vehicle predominately for business
  • Tax effective options to suit the accounting structure of your business
  • Low rate commercial loans with flexible terms and residuals options
  • Fleet discounts available


Low rates • Tax effective • Flexible terms & residuals • 1-7 year terms

A Chattel Mortgage is the most common loan type for commercial lending. As the borrower, you take ownership of the asset at the time of purchase rather than at the end. This means you can use the asset as a taxable offset (in most cases), claim the GST on the purchase price and claim the depreciation of the asset and interest charges on the loan. It’s very flexible with 1-7 year loan terms and residuals available making it versatile for most business types.

Speak to one of our Commercial Finance Specialist to discuss which finance options would suit you and your business.

Tax effective • Flexible terms & residuals • 1-7 year terms

It’s all in the name with this loan type. A Hire Purchase or Commercial Hire Purchase is ‘hiring’ an asset with the intent to purchase it at the end of the loan term. This means that during the term of the loan, the lender owns the asset rather than you (the borrower), so the tax offsets are different from an accounting perspective as it’s not an asset owned by the business.

Speak to one of our Commercial Finance Specialist to discuss which finance options would suit you and your business.

Tax effective • Lease with the intent to buy • 1-7 year terms

A Lease is very similar to a Hire Purchase as it uses the same ownership principles where the asset is owned by the lender for the term of the loan rather than you (the borrower). The primary difference between ‘Hiring’ & ‘Leasing’ in that hiring allows you to decide if to include a residual or not. A Lease however has a regulated residual value calculated off the term of the loan.

Speak to one of our Commercial Finance Specialist to discuss which finance options would suit you and your business.

Great options for startup businesses • 1-7 year terms

Low Doc (also known as No Doc, Self Dec, Lite Doc) requires little to no proof of the borrower’s financial position but rather relies heavily on the assessment of the tenure of your business, you as the borrower, any guarantor’s financial position as well as the asset being purchased. This is a great option for businesses when they have little or no ‘provable’ servicing (ie capability to demonstrate or prove capacity to repay the loan).

Speak to one of our Commercial Finance Specialist to discuss which finance options would suit you and your business.

Tax effective • Great employee benefit • 1-5 year terms

A Novated Lease is a tax effective solution for purchasing a vehicle, particularly if the vehicle is for work purposes or the vehicle purchaser receives an allowance from an employer. Novated leases from 360 Finance can be arrange for individuals looking to purchase a vehicle or implemented into your business as an additional Employee Benefits Program.

Click the link below to learn more about Novated Leasing options for individuals and businesses.

We'll find your next business vehicle or a fleet and great finance.

360's 'Find & Finance' service can help you find your ideal work vehicle or an entire fleet for your business, as well as source a tailored finance solution that suits your business and accounting structure. Our Procurement Team work with a National network of over 180 dealerships and can source a range of cars and light commercials for you. They then negotiate the price on your behalf and get the best price on any trade-in's - all at no cost to you!

Learn more about our Find & Finance service via the link below.

We have access to some of the lowest industry commercial rates allowing us to be highly competitive and get your best rate finance.
Our Commercial Team takes time to understand your business needs then works to find the best tailored and flexible finance solution.
Fast approvals
We work hard to get your loan approved fast. Same day approvals are available - ask us how!
We do the running around for you in comparing commercial finance options and rates from over 20 lenders.

At today's lowest car finance rate of 3.45%
(Comparison rate 4.65%) you'll pay approximately...

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At today's lowest car finance rate of 3.45%
(Comparison rate 4.65%) you can borrow approximately...


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"Excellent service. Ian from 360 Finance was great to deal with and we were kept in the loop at all times. No problem recommending 360 to anyone."
Gary M, Brogo, NSW
"One word - Excellence! Big thanks to Leanne for her outstanding effort in helping me get my new car. She went out of her way to answer all my silly questions in easy Laymens terms!"
Warren H, Queensland
"Living life upgraded. Second purchase with 360 Finance!"
Sue G, Queensland
"So in love with my new car thanks to John at 360 Finance. I'm so happy with my Honda Civic RS Turbo. 360 Finance were great and totally recommend them. So a big thank you again."
April G, Queensland
"Thank you 360 Finance for all your help. Finance has allowed my family to buy a brand new family caravan to travel this amazing country. #lifeupgraded "
Craig P, Queensland
"Thank you 360 Finance for another successful purchase with low interest and fantastic service!!!!"
Michelle W, Queensland
"New Car! Toyota Prado. Life Upgraded!"
Emilie D., New South Wales
"Here’s a pic of my new ride all washed up - I had a blast on my new stead. Thanks Leanne and 360."
Nathan S, Victoria
"Thanks 360! I was blown away by the low rate finance and insurance I got compared to what I could find myself."
Karyn E, Northern Territory
"The kids are loving their new Taxi! Cheers Kyle and 360 Finance."
Lauren M, New South Wales
"We can’t wait for adventures in our new camper van, making memories with our two beautiful girls. Thanks 360!"
Skye C, South Australia
"Kim at 360 got me my Ute, Jetski and now a Mustang! She is a champ at her job and was very helpful. "
Chris R, Queensland
"Thank you Kevin at 360 for assisting us with our new car finance. Fast and easily approved."
Rhea P, South Australia

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