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Let us find you a low rate, flexible car loan today.

A vehicle is a big financial investment, but a car loan can help make purchasing a car more affordable and allow people to buy the vehicle they need much sooner.

Since 2007, 360 Finance has been helping customers find their best rate car finance to purchase their next car. We do this by accessing some of the lowest car finance rates (or car loan interest rates) from our panel of 20+ Australian bank and non-bank lenders

Whether you are looking to purchase your first car or upgrade to something big enough for the whole family, we understand that cheap car loans can help make buying a car more achievable for many people.

We can help you find the best car loan rates to suit your budget and help you get on the road sooner. Car finance can be complex and confusing when you go through it alone, but we make the process much simpler for our customers, taking all the hard work out of it. 

Our finance specialists can help structure car finance to suit your needs and answer all your questions about loan types such as a secured car loan or unsecured car loan.

At 360 Finance, we offer: 

  • Low total cost of loan and low repayments
  • No deposit loans
  • Tax effective business car loans and novated leases
  • Private, dealer, new and used cars
  • Balloon repayments to lower repayments
Lower rates • Higher borrowing limits • 1-7 year terms

A secured car loan is finance provided for the specific purpose of purchasing a new, near new or used car.

Secured loans offer the most competitive rates and repayments compared to other loan types by using the car as security for the loan. With the car as security, our panel of lenders can offer you lower interest rates as their risk is lowered in the unlikely event of default on the loan. A secured car loan is a great option if you are wanting to buy a car within a set monthly repayment budget.

Speak with one of our Finance Specialists to learn more about secured car loans. They can assist in determining the most suitable loan option for you and help you find the best car finance rates.

Greater Flexibility • Ideal for older vehicles • 1-7 year terms

An unsecured car loan is finance that can be provided to purchase a new, near new or used car without the car being held as security in the unlikely event of payment default.

Also known as a personal loan, unsecured car loans offer a greater level of flexibility than other loan types, however, as the lender’s risk is slightly higher by not having any security over the loan, the interest rates offered can be a little higher.

An unsecured car loan is ideal for purchasing older, niche or unique cars or if you simply want the freedom to sell your car down the track without impacting on your finance arrangements. It can be a good option for those wanting a car loan, but who don’t have collateral to be used as security.

Learn more about unsecured car loans by speaking with one of our Finance Specialists who can help find the right car loan for you, and the best car loan rates.

Tax effective car ownership • No deposit • 1-5 year terms

A novated lease is a tax-effective solution for purchasing a vehicle, particularly if you use your vehicle predominantly for work purposes or receive a car allowance from your employer.

A novated lease involves an agreement between you, your employer and the finance company. When you purchase a vehicle, the car finance agreement is between you and the finance lender. Via the agreement, your employer has the responsibility to make the finance payments on your behalf from your pre-tax salary (reducing your taxable income).

360 Finance can arrange a finance-only novated lease on your behalf with your employer, or work with a salary packaging organisation for a fully maintained novated lease which includes expenses such as servicing, fuel, maintenance and registration.

Speak with one of our Finance Specialists to learn more about novated leasing.

Lowest rates • Tax effective • Low Doc • 1-7 year terms

A commercial or business car loan is used for the specific purpose of purchasing a vehicle or fleet of vehicles for business.

Commercial loans can offer some of the most competitive rates and repayments compared to other loan types and can provide a tax advantage and allow you to claim GST and depreciation. A Business car loan is a great option for any sized business with flexible repayment terms to suit business cashflow or accounting structures.

Learn more about our business car finance solutions or speak to one of our commercial Finance Specialists to discuss the options available.

We'll find your ideal car and your best finance.

Finding the right car and finance to suit your needs can be extremely time consuming, but that’s where we can help!

Our 'Find & Finance' service can help you find your next car, with your lowest rate car finance to suit your budget and lifestyle.

Our procurement team works with a national network of over 180 dealerships and can source your dream car, negotiate the price on your behalf and get the best price for your trade-in - all at no cost to you!

Learn more about our Find & Finance service via the link below.

We have access to some of the lowest industry car loan rates allowing us to be highly competitive and find your best rate finance.
We do the running around for you in comparing car loan options and rates from over 20 lenders.
Fast approvals
We work hard to get your car loan approved fast. Same day approvals are available - ask us how!
Flexible terms
We find and compare car loan options to find what best suits your needs and budget with flexible 1-7 year terms available.

At today's lowest car finance rate of 4.04%
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At today's lowest car finance rate of 4.04%
(Comparison rate 4.58%) you can borrow approximately...


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What are the benefits a car loan?

One of the major benefits of a car loan is the ability to purchase a car immediately and pay it off over time. This is particularly important if you need a car for work, personal or family commitments.

A car loan can allows you to purchase a vehicle make, model or type that you may otherwise not be able to afford with just your savings alone.

Like any lending product, if you correctly manage your loan and repay it on time – consistently, it can have a positive impact lending money in the future.

A car loan may also assist in building up a positive Credit Profile and Credit Score. Maintaining a good Credit Profile, can be of great benefit when it comes to purchasing other assets such as a home, caravan, equipment or even a holiday.

How do car loans work?

A car loan is a type of personal loan for the specific purpose of buying a new or used vehicle including sedans, SUV’s, utes and even sportscars (often referred to as a “secured loan”).

When you take out a car loan, you borrow an agreed amount of money (loan amount) from a financier (lender) for a set period of time (loan term) that you agree to repay in weekly, fortnightly or monthly repayments.

Loan repayments are calculated based on paying back the amount borrowed, interest on the loan and any fees charged. The interest rate you pay is largely determined by the lender based on a number of factors including the age and value of the car you are seeking to buy, the lenders criteria; and your credit profile/credit score.

Car Finance is generally available as either a secured loan or an unsecured loan. This will depend on if you agree to use the car you are buying as security on the loan, which is the usual arrangement.

If you do put your car up as security on the loan, it reduces the risk to the lender in the event you are unable to meet your repayments or financial commitments of the loan. This reduced risk to the lender often means they can offer a lower interest rate or more favourable terms.

Generally, a secured loan is only available up to the value of the car. An unsecured car loan however, does not use an asset (ie car) as security, and therefore the risk to the lender is greater and the interest rate often higher.

What are the minimum or maximum I can borrow with a car loan?

There is no ‘set-in-stone’ limit for how much you can borrow with a car loan. Each financier (or lender) has different minimum and maximum loan amounts, but mostly the limit is determined on a case-by-case basis depending on your choice of car, type of loan and your financial circumstances.

As a general guide, many Australian lenders have a minimum borrowing amount of $5,000 or $10,000.

In some cases, you may not be able to borrow the full amount of the vehicles purchase price, but will be required to provide a portion of the car price via a deposit (or down payment). For Secured Loans, you generally cannot borrow more than the total value of the asset used as security on the loan.

How do I take out a car loan?

The first stage of the car loan process is to find out how much you can borrow, what you can afford and if this provides the funds your need to purchase your ideal car. An online Car Loan Calculator can give you a quick idea of what loan repayments might be or how much you may be able to borrow based on your weekly budget.

The next step is to contact a finance specialist who will quickly assess your basic information and financial circumstances before arranging finance pre-approval on your behalf.

Once you are happy with the proposed loan structure (term, amount, interest rate etc) your application will be submitted to the selected leader for Settlement of the Loan. When the loan ‘Settles’ the money will be transferred to the vehicle seller (private or dealership) and the car is yours!

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