We are so lucky to live in Australia. It’s a huge country, and you could spend a lifetime exploring its rugged terrain and probably still not cover it all!

We have beautiful beaches juxtaposed with ethereal outback plains, cute (and sometimes scary) wildlife, and miles of seemingly endless roads to travel on. One of the best ways to see this great sunburnt country is by road; after all, when you fly, you miss out on all the quirky roadside stops and character-filled towns.

Whether you’ve always wanted to motor the Great Ocean Road or have grand dreams about circumnavigating the country, you want to make sure you’re prepared. After all, with so many kilometres of remote country, you need to make sure you’re prepared for your big caravan adventure.

Take a look at our three tips for exploring Australia with your caravan so you never fall short.

#1: Think About your Budget

Some of us are happy to do travelling the cheap and cheerful way, but others like to travel in style. We think that the caravan is the perfect compromise: you get protection from the harsh elements and always have a ready-made bed to sleep in after a big day on the road, but you can get as close to nature as you want.

As a caravan owner you’ll sometimes want to stay in a powered site, but often there are plenty of free camping sites which you can access easily. The Camps Australia Book is currently up to its eighth edition and lists over 3,900 sites for camping with important points like dump sites, pets allowed, free camping, maximum stays and other vital camping info. This will be a vital investment for your next trip.

Another thing to consider is fuel. You’ll often be stung with costs of over $2 per litre – so be aware and carry jerry cans with you as well.

#2: Power

You could travel each day without power – but then why would you if you don’t have to? Your caravan will have ample space to store solar powers and is a great way to charge your fridge and lights when you’re not staying in a powered site. All you need for your camping setup is a deep cycle battery, a battery charger and an inverter – depending on what you’re powering. You might want to consider having a generator as well, if you’re staying for an extended period or don’t have sufficient sun for your solar power.

#3: Time of the Year

In Australia, we are exposed to some of the most variable temperatures and extremes anywhere in the world. We can have scorching heat baking the middle of the country, while in places like Mount Buller they’re getting metres of snow. It makes sense that you would plan your trip around the kind of weather you’re hoping to get! Keep in mind the fact that you don’t really want to be travelling in the middle of the country or at the top end during the height of summer. Not only will it be unbearably hot if you’re not used to it, it can also be more dangerous if you do break down. Try to time central Australia with winter, and explore the southern states during summer.

If you’re ready to hit the open road then why not take the plunge and make the investment in the caravan of your dreams? We can help with access to over 30 trusted Aussie lenders, and professional staff who can answer any queries you may have. Get in touch today!