When looking at which boat to buy, you may find there is a greater range of options than you might have originally considered. In order to help see how much boat you can afford to finance, we have outlined below some of the options for each price bracket, along with the most common uses for those kinds of boats.

All types of boats can be financed either new or used, depending on your preferences and how much you’re willing to spend. Keep in mind that many of these boats will vary in price range, depending on their condition and included amenities. This guide that we have put together to help you along as you decide which boat is best suited to the boating lifestyle that you want to have.

Buying a boat for Under $10,000

Boats under $10,000 will generally be used, although if you have the time to shop around you will probably be able to find some bargain new boats too.

Open boats (or tinnies) are smaller boats usually less than 5 metres in length, and are great for boating in calm waters like lakes and rivers. If you don’t have much storage space and are on a smaller budget, tinnies are the perfect way to enjoy a boating lifestyle without the costs that come with a larger boat.

Used open boats can be found for less than $5000, an affordable option for your first fishing boat or to get out on some quiet waters with a couple of friends. Usually measuring just under 4 metres long, open boats like this will usually come with a trailer as well. You can also find new open boats for around $8500. They are great little boats for you to take your family or a few friends out fishing on a lake or estuary.

Inflatable boats are another great option. They can be used in both salt and fresh water and are ideal for fishing and water sports. Their portability and ease of transport are major benefits of inflatable boats, and they are continually getting more and more sophisticated. You can find some great new and used inflatable boats that will range in price depending on the size and type of inflatable.

Used inflatable boats can usually be found for around $6000, and they are perfect for taking out on the dam for some water skiing, or going fishing on the lake. They usually measure in somewhere between 3 and 3.5 metres in length. But if it’s a new inflatable boat you’re after, you can find some great bargains if you shop around. You can find great buys costing around $9000, and they make for a perfect little family and leisure boat.

Medium Boat Finance

Boat purchasing between $10,000 – $25,000

Used ski and wakeboard boats will usually come in under $25,000, but if you’re after a new model they can sometimes cost up to $50,000. These boats are specifically designed with inboard (and sometimes outboard) propulsion which delivers enough power to tow water skiers and wakeboarders, as well as provide the speed required to make jumps and tricks.

Ski boats are designed to throw a slight wake underwater through the shape of the hull and configuration of the engine, making it ideal for water skiers to accelerate quickly and turn sharply. Wakeboard boats on the other hand, are designed to throw large wakes with a deep hull and V-drive engine so wakeboarders can get the greatest amount of air for their tricks.

Pick up your boat from $25,000 – $50,000

Bowriders are a spacious, runabout-style boat that are great for slightly larger groups of people as there is a lot of seating in the open bow area and swim platforms at the stern that are great for swimming off. Perfect for water sports, the swim platforms are also the ideal space for putting on wakeboards or water skis and getting out on the water.

You can find used bowriders for around $25 000. They are great family-sized boats that commonly measure at a little over 5 metres long. New bowriders can be quite a bit more expensive, usually costing closer to $50,000. However, the newer they are the more extra features they will usually have, such as a transom door and ladder, and hydraulic steering.

Shopping for boats between $50,000 – $100,000

Cabin cruisers are recreational cruising boats designed for comfort and leisure. They come built in with a galley, head and at least one berth, and if you’re looking to spend a lot of time on your boat you can even find some models complete with air conditioning, heating, a dining area, power generators, water heaters and shore power systems.

They usually measure in somewhere between 7-10 metres in length, which makes them great for going boating with larger groups of people. They have a lot of the same features as yachts, while also being significantly cheaper and able to be fully operated by the owner. Large yachts usually require a professional crew of operators.

Used catamarans will usually come in around $50 000 – $100 000 as well, however if you are after a new model they will usually cost significantly more – usually well over $100,000. You can find some great bargains on used models though, both powered and unpowered. Catamarans come with two hulls instead of the more common single hull, which makes them fantastic for fishing enthusiasts and recreational cruising.

Most catamarans measure at least 12 metres in length, and they come with spacious deck areas and wide cockpits that make it easy to set up a few deck chairs or even a hammock.

Investing in boats for $100 000+

Motor yachts are the perfect leisure boat, designed to let you stay on the water for up to weeks at a time. They come equipped with sleeping berths, air conditioning, plumbing, a galley, an electrical generator, lots of deck space and swim platforms. They usually measure at least 12 metres long, perfect for cruising the ocean or large rivers.

These boats allow you to sail away on a family holiday, go adventuring around the continents, or entertain clients in style. With powerful engines and so many included amenities, you can explore the ocean in style.

There are a huge range of new and used boats available on the market today. No matter what your budget is, there will be the perfect boat to suit along with great boat financing available.