With international trips on hold for a while, there has never been a better time to explore our backyard. 

Australia is well known for its natural beauty and must-see destinations, but many Australian’s don’t take the time to visit them. Now is the time to finally see those beautiful local destinations, and one of the best ways to get out and explore is through caravanning! 

To get the most out of your caravanning experience, here are 10 gadgets and upgrades to make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable.  


Most cars and caravans come with a GPS built-in, but when travelling you want to ensure you have the most updated version possible. 

Some GPS systems can also be synced with your phone, which can make it easier to set up destinations. Look for GPS models that feature a truck mode, which can allow you to input the size of your vehicle into the GPS to ensure you get a planned route without low bridges or super narrow streets. 


A fold-out awning provides additional space and privacy when you stop at a camping spot. It offers a shaded, sheltered area so you can sit outside, whether it’s sunny or raining. 

You can also get awnings that have side flaps or fly screens, to create a comfortable enclosed space. 

Tool kit

Any road trip needs a tool kit! Having at least a few basic tools on hand when travelling is useful just in case of an unexpected problem. 

A travelling tool kit can help in the case of minor issues and can save you the time and expense of visiting a repair shop. Even if you’re not experienced with using the tools yourself, you might come across someone who can help you out at your caravan park.

An essential piece in any tool kit, is a caravan jack. There is nothing worse than being stuck in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire and having no way of repairing it yourself.

Towing mirrors

Towing mirrors are advised when you can’t see down the sides, or behind your caravan. They can add a level of security and comfort, especially for those unused to driving larger vehicles. 

An extendable option will allow you to adjust the mirrors to suit the size of your vehicle or anything you’re towing.

Reversing camera

For those not used to driving a caravan, a reversing camera is an essential gadget. It helps with maneuvering, giving you access to the view at the back of the caravan and can make your trip much easier, increasing visibility when reversing into camping areas. 

This is especially helpful if you’re travelling by yourself and you don’t have someone to help with manoeuvring.

Solar panels

A popular upgrade for caravans is solar panels. Solar panels convert sunlight into energy, providing a sustainable energy source to charge your caravan battery, helping save you money. 

Even on a trip to explore the Australian countryside, many people will still need numerous pieces of technology that require a power source. Solar panels mean you won’t need to rely on finding a powered campsite.

Portable fans and heaters

Depending on the time of year and the area you are travelling through, you may encounter a variety of weather conditions. 

You will not want to spend all your time inside the caravan, so having a portable fan or heater can help keep you comfortable throughout your trip. 

Consider which type you choose, as some only run on generator power, while others are rechargeable.

Water tank

Before embarking on a caravanning trip, it’s important to consider if every place you stop will have clean drinking water. If you’re planning on staying in some remote areas, this may not always be the case, so taking a water tank is always a good idea. 

As well as for drinking water, a water tank provides water for cleaning and bathing. 

Also make sure to include tank cleaning products. You don’t want to get stuck with contaminated water in a remote location. 

Another upgrade you may want to consider if not already included in your caravan, is a hot water system. 

Caravan bike racks

Whether going on a solo or family trip, many people like to take bicycles when travelling. 

Installing a bike rack ensures you don’t have to take up space within your car or caravan itself. There are various styles of bike racks, so it may depend on your caravan as to the type of bike rack that is most suitable.

Caravan insurance

An upgrade you should consider any time you go caravaning, is caravan insurance. 

Whether you have bought a caravan or are hiring one, you want to ensure you are properly insured against any accidents. Insuring your caravan will help remove any worries, and allow you to simply enjoy your trip. 

Caravanning trips have been a favourite Aussie holiday for years, and is sure to become more popular with less overseas travel. Caravans are also a popular choice among retirees, who finally have time to explore Australia. We can help with caravan finance for pensioners, and have a caravan loan repayment calculator to help you determine the right caravan loan for you.