Taking your friends and family members to a new location can bring with it some things you may not have considered, even it is a place you visit regularly, having extra ways to take care of yourselves, your equipment and your safety is important.

Being away from your regular facilities means you will need to do things differently.

Sometimes you may need to purchase something for a specific purpose, like a portable medical kit, and sometimes you can use regular household items. Here are some hints and tips for a few of the situations you may face while out in your caravan.

Daytime Caravan Tips

Always go in pairs. Especially when hiking so that if the worst were to happen you have someone who can get help. If for some reason you do decide to go it alone, be sure to tell people where you are going and how long you expect to be.

If your windshield in your car stays foggy despite the demister, or you are in a rush and can’t wait for the demister to take effect, keep a chalkboard eraser in the glovebox and use this to wipe the windshield down, it’s easier and more effective than using a cloth.

Make sure you have plenty of sunscreen, and reapply it often, most of us are not used to be outdoors as much as you will be while caravanning.

For water adventures have protective footwear, as there may be broken glass or other objects that can cause injury. When going to a creek or water hole don’t dive straight in, test it thoroughly before deciding to make that leap, the bottom can change suddenly with rocks, tree trunks and sediment.

Nightime Hints

Make the evenings simpler by developing a routine for night time.

If you are concerned about belongings, bring any bikes, chairs or other valuables into the annex, or lock them in the car while you have enough light to do it comfortably.

Make sure you have enough wood for a camp fire if you are making one, and the ability to douse the fire when you are done. If having trouble lighting the fire, left over tea bags can be used as fire starters.

To help avoid tripping over objects around your Caravan, pack a few garden solar lights that you can place in strategic positions near annex ropes, entrances and exits so you can avoid tripping and stubbing toes.

If your van doesn’t have an ensuite, having a spare solar light near the entrance for people to take with them for night time bathroom tips can help them to not fumble for a torch and still have light if your batteries run low.

Safety Tips

As you may venture off the beaten track, knowing about some extra uses for common household items can help you be found easily if you get lost. Keep a spare roll (or two) or alfoil in your car for unforeseen circumstances.

Alfoil can be hung in sheets in the trees, on your vehicle or your van – the sun will flash off the foil and be seen from miles away by search teams.

If you lose a tooth, it requires prompt management, and should ideally be re-inserted in the mouth, if it has been knocked and is loose, it requires a splint until you get to professional help. In either case, you can use alfoil to make a mould around a tooth by connect it to a sound neighbouring tooth for support until you can get to the help you need.

Always keep a mobile phone on you, if you are out of range for a call, you may still be able to send a text. Many phones these days have inbuilt compass and gps functions that can be of great assistance if you get lost.

Family Tips

Be sure to arrive before dark, so you can scout the site and the whole family has time to get to know the location of the facilities, at night things can often look different and be disorientating.

To help make your experience less stressful and more enjoyable give boundaries to your children. For example, they are not to go past a certain tree, rock or set of tables without Mum or Dad, and if you have younger children bringing a portable play pen or a back can be a good idea.

We hope you find some of these useful for your trip… do you have any others you would like to share?