From the early days of caravanning, the people who made the most use of them were gypsies and travelling showmen. In the 1880’s the first caravan built for leisure was commissioned by Doctor Gordon Stables, and he wanted all the fittings for a “Gentleman’s Caravan”. He had a washroom, a pantry and a salon to entertain guests.

While many caravans are now built with luxury in mind, and they are beautiful modern, mini vacation homes, people still think of them as a rundown cheap option, only slightly better than a tent. As much as can be said about you get what you pay for, let’s look at some of the reasons why a well-equipped modern caravan can be all you need to have a great vacation.

Here are the answers to 5 common myths about the caravan  holiday lifestyle.

1- Quick set up time

Caravans can be the fastest option for getting ready for your holiday. Most of the preparation is done in advance before you leave home, so by the time you arrive at your location you have almost nothing to do.

Find the facilities, plug your van into the power and water, roll out the awning, pop up a table and relax with a glass of your favourite beer or wine.


2- Throw away the plastics

As everything you need is in the kitchen and travels with you, you can bring real cutlery and crockery, so you feel like you are having a proper meal rather than slumming it with picnic ware.

You can also bring pots and pans, serving dishes, utensils, baking trays and more.
Holidaying in a caravan really is your home away from home, with all the facilities you are used to having.

3- As much space as you want

When caravanning, you can extend your space with an awning, having your dining table in the fresh air, or closing it in when the mosquitos come. You can put your chairs near the van when having conversations or further away when you want some space.

You can make a picnic site for lunches under the nearby forest canopy, or down by the seaside. The options are only limited by your location… and you can always move to a new spot if the current one has fulfilled your interest.

The space you use on a caravan holiday is actually not limited to the size of the van itself, but to the location surrounding the site.

4- Unlimited cooking options

Most vans today are fitted with an oven, a microwave and a stove top. Then you can have bbq’s, camp ovens and firepit cooking. You actually have more choice when using your caravan than you usually would at home

You may try out some new recipes as you have access to these different cooking options, becoming a campfire master chef.

5- Unlimited places to stay

Rather than booking a hotel and staying in just the one location, caravans allow multiple locations, even in a short trip away.

Australia is such a big beautiful country, you have so many options for exploration.

From the seaside to the mountains, the outback to the forest, you can wake up, open your curtains and see a new vista every day.

What a great way to see the sights!

For those who caravan regularly, what are some other caravanning misconceptions you have heard from family or friends about holidaying in a caravan? Let us know how you showed them what a real caravan adventure is.