There are many reasons to buy a watercraft. Whether it’s fishing, swimming, water sports or just enjoying the water, boats offer something to appeal to everyone. No matter what type of boat you choose to purchase, there are multiple advantages of owning one.

1. Leave your troubles on land

The moment you get out onto the water life seems simpler; fresh air, no traffic, peace and quiet. Boating is a great way to relieve stress. Boating also provides outdoor entertainment for you, your family and friends. With that comes new sports and new experiences – like water skiing or wake boarding – maybe even teaching your kids how to reel in their first fish.

2. Boats are more affordable than you think

If you think that you couldn’t possibly afford a boat then you could always look at buying a used boat. They can be much more affordable. Alternatively, look into your finance options. 360 Finance will surprise you with low interest rates.

3. Good fun for everyone

We all know someone who loves their fishing. Whether that’s a family member or friend. Boating can be a great way not only to go fishing but to bond and enjoy the water. The best part about boats is they get you out of the house and the kids off the video games. Boats are a great group activity even if it’s just a day out on the water.

4. A fun form of exercise

Whether it’s going for a quick swim, water skiing or vigorous sailing, boats offer fitness opportunities without trying too hard. From the moment you step onto your boat you’re already free of distractions, off the couch and out into the fresh air.

5. Getting out onto the water is easy

Firstly work out whether you need a boat licence in your state. Generally, obtaining a licence is a simple process throughout which you will learn all about boating and the rules of the water.

Looking after your boat is simple and there are numerous services available to make maintenance, storage and even stocking your boat with groceries and bait easy. Like cars, boats do need periodic oil change servicing. They also need to be washed regularly, especially if they are used in salt water, or if they are docked in the water. If they are in salt water it is important to rinse your boat thoroughly when it comes out of contact with salt water. Many marinas will offer this service for a fee to make boating a breeze.

6. The ocean at your feet

Owning a boat means you can take to the seas or rivers and explore places you’ve never been before. The options are endless. Boats offer freedom of travel, wind in your hair, and traffic-free travel. Boats allow the journey to be a holiday as much as your destination is.

7. The fun factor

Of all the reasons to buy a boat, the most important one is the plain and simple fact that boats are FUN. Take your boat out on the water then simply relax and enjoy life.