You’ve seen them on the street and you’ve seen them in business parks all over Australia. They’re company cars, trucks, vans and utes with branded vehicle wraps applied by detailing shops. Some are subtle and tasteful, providing a bit of name and logo recognition while giving the company vehicle an official and polished look. Some are bold and hard to miss, making the van or truck into a rolling billboard. Others… well, some others take it just a little too far.

Flames Around the Bottom

Everyone knows that flames are cool; Okay, agreed, flames do look cool. They’re hot, they’re dynamic and they’re full of energy. Maybe the company van moves so fast that it leaves burning oxygen behind it, and maybe some nice flames on the side of the car would convey that idea. However, flames around the bottom of the car might not be such a great choice. They bring to mind car accidents, riots and cataclysmic mechanical failures. Perhaps making the car look like it’s on fire is not the best way to communicate how hot your company is.

Rally Car Wrapped in Red Bull Business Branding

Advertise your business on your car

Bikini Babes

There are all kinds of ways to get attention with a vehicle wrap, but certain tactics are best avoided. Maybe you like to look at hot women in skimpy swimsuits. Maybe that type of image even relates to your brand somehow; perhaps you sell bikinis or run a boat tour. It’s still not a very good idea. It never hurts to put your company name and logo in front of motorists, but you don’t want to distract them too much. You wouldn’t want that nice new company truck to get into an accident. In addition, if women are part of your target market, they might not appreciate being reduced to eye candy on an official company car.

Just Too Funny – Really

We’ve seen a picture of a guy on a toilet. We’ve seen a toothy grin on the front of a car. We’ve even seen a bus that looks like it’s being crushed by a giant python. Attention grabbing? Yes. Cool? Maybe. Distracting? Definitely. As with the bikini babes, really funny or shocking designs are not going to help other drivers keep their eyes on the road. Think twice about creating a possible hazard.

Vehicle wraps are a great modern advance in advertising media. They’re bold and they’re effective. They can be applied and removed relatively quickly and easily. If going onsite or delivering goods is part of your business, then you’d be foolish not to take advantage of your employees’ time on the road as an advertising opportunity.

Luckily, it’s not difficult to finance car wraps. A vehicle wrap can be combined with your company car loan if you opt for an unsecured loan, and there are other options, too. To discuss opportunities for creating mobile advertising for your business right alongside your car finance, please get in touch with 360 Finance.