If you’ve been on the planet for at least four decades, then you remember the 1970s. It was an era of freedom and experimentation, and nowhere was that more true than in automotive paint jobs. There were cars in lime green and vivid yellow. There were vans with painted flowers and utes that looked like rock posters. There was a garage in every neighbourhood, and the mechanics loved to do custom paint jobs.

Vibrant colours are back!

Then the 1980s Came Along

As the 1980s wore on, everyone wanted to look rich. The cars from the 1970s were old and worn, and their bright and exuberant paint jobs looked like yesterday’s news. Suddenly, everyone’s car was one of four or five colours: black, white, grey, blue and – for those who wanted to stand out a little – red. The 1980s ushered in a new, boring era in automotive paint jobs. It took the entire decade for the big, squarish, brightly coloured 1970s heaps to disappear, and when they did, the shape of cars had changed completely.

The 1990s Were All About Shape

In the late 1980s, cars stopped being box-shaped and took on a more rounded look. Some people credit the Ford Taurus, which was the most popular car in the US between 1992 and 1996. Headlights went from round spectacles to wrap-around ski googles and the front and sides of cars blended into an aerodynamic, rounded shape that had never been seen before in vehicle design. It was an exciting evolution in style, but the most popular colours by far remained neutral.

What are Auts?

Far before the economic downturn of 2008, people were hiding in big, solid minivans and SUVs, looking for safety. Family cars became family vehicles and family vehicle designs swelled up in size and lifted off the ground. Cars got bigger and taller, but the colours didn’t get any more interesting.

The Twenty-Teens Are Bringing Colour Back into Style

Economic downturns have an interesting effect on style. They bring out bright colours and patterns, as if people are trying to cheer themselves up without spending too much extra money. The 1970s were a tough time, economically, and we’re in another one now. It’s no wonder that brightly coloured cars are back on the scene, and they are a sight for bored eyes. We’re seeing a far greater variety of colours on the car lots, and they look great with today’s slick automotive styling. There are new effects, too, particularly paints with shine, shimmer, depth and shifting colour. There’s orange, rust, brick, fuscia, purple, yellow, gold, bronze, teal, sky blue and many more colours to choose from.

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