Making the decision to get back to nature and explore Australia can be easily done, buying a caravan or motorhome to fit your needs can be a little more involved. Once you’ve decided to buy a caravan, you have a great opportunity to buy the one that best suits you and your family, for a few weeks away in a pop-top, to travelling the outback in RV, here’s a quick overview of the range available

Below is a guide to the different types of caravans you can buy, and an idea of what they cost. You can also purchase caravans either new or used, giving you more choice for your budget. Please keep in mind that the price ranges provided are just a guide, and that their costs will vary according to their conditions, included features and where you look


Just with caravans alone, there are several different types and designs to choose from all with varying features and amenities.

Full caravans are the traditional caravan with complete roof and walls, fantastic for quick, easy set up and convenience. They will keep you enclosed and comfortable as you make your trip, and most are now fitted with air conditioning and heating units as well. There is also lots of storage space and room to move around the van. Used full caravans can cost anything from a few thousand for older, smaller models all the way up to about $30 000 for newer, barely used models. Brand new full caravans will usually range in price from about $10 000 to $150 000, depending on their size and included amenities.

Pop top caravans are similar to full caravans but with the added addition of a roof that pops up and down, to make it more aerodynamic and easier to tow. These will usually weigh less than full caravans of the same size, and are easier to store because of their smaller size. So if you don’t have much storage space, this could be the perfect solution. You can find used, older models of pop top caravans for around $4000, and newer, better conditioned models for anything up to $50 000. If you’re after a brand new pop top, they can range from about $15 000 to $60 000.

Fifth wheelers are at the higher end of the caravan market, with many of the comforts that you would find at home. They have very spacious interiors and usually come complete with furniture, air conditioning and heaters. Set up is quick and easy as everything is already in place inside, but they are also quite a bit larger than traditional caravans so you may not be accommodated for in every campsite. Used fifth wheelers usually start at around $20 000, while new ones will start at about $75 000.

Motorhomes / RV’s

Motorhomes and Recreational Vehicles (RV’s) come with the same features as caravans but are also built on small and large truck structures so you can drive it around as it is, instead of having to attach it to the back of your car. They are popular for road trips and driving holidays, and come built in with toilets, showers and air conditioners for very comfortable travel.

The standard sized motorhomes can be driven with just a car licence, and they make setting up and packing up very convenient as they are completely self-contained. Used motorhomes and RV’s will range in price from about $16 000 to $250 000 depending on how old it is and what it includes. Brand new motorhomes will usually start at around $60 000.

Camper Trailers

There are a few different types of camper trailers available, ranging from those with complete camper bodies to those that are built on a box trailer, as well as slight variations to all of these designs. Below are the 3 main types of camper trailers.

Flip-over campers have a hard, sealed top for travelling which opens out to the back to become the floor when you’re camping. It stays slightly suspended off the ground on legs, which can be very useful if you’re camping on wet or sandy ground, or if the ground is sloped. It can be folded out quickly and easily, and usually also comes with a kitchen that slides out from the side of the camper. You can find used flip-over campers starting at around $2000, while brand new ones will normally start at around $4000.

Soft floor campers are set up by pulling a soft canvas out of the camper and extending the internal frame to make a sleeping space, usually around 3 to 5 metres wide – large enough to cater to a whole family. They have more floor space than a flip-over camper, but without the additional rooms, and they come with a kitchen that either slides out the back of the camper or that is mounted on the tailgate. Used soft floor campers will usually start at around $1500, and new ones will start at around $4000 for a basic model. You can add on creature comforts and additional cost to get one that really is your home away form home.

Windup campers require you to mechanically wind the hard roof up, exposing the canvas sides. The floor is suspended off the ground with steps for you to go inside, and the interior is very much like a caravan usually with a double bed and internal kitchen and dining area. They are a comfortable way to camp and are suitable for all types of weather, but they are also slightly smaller than other types of campers and it could be too confined for a large family. You can find used windup campers for about $4000, and brand new ones will usually start at around $20 000.

So whatever you’re looking for in a caravan, there will be something to suit your needs and budget. Once you have come to a decision, we have a huge range of flexible and affordable financing options to help you make your dream a reality – apply now for a free online quote!