When you buy a caravan, you are buying a one-stop home away from home, for holidaying with family and friends. However, it does not come with everything you need.

Buying a caravan is buying the roof over your head, some furniture and facilities, but there are other items to consider to make your caravan all it can be for a great holiday experience. Equipping your caravan with the right accessories will help you feel safe and comfortable on your next trip away.


Your valuables will need to be secured, and while you can lock them in your car or caravan, you may also choose to make use of onsite security facilities at the caravan park.

Make enquiries before you go to find out what options are available, and this will help you decide what you want to take with you. Something you may not be able to live without, could be better left at home so you avoid taking the risk in the first place.

For the security of your van itself, look into options of towball locks, padlocks through the
hook-up chains to make them unusable and wheel clamps. While this may take a little extra time to undo when packing up to move on, it gives you peace of mind when away from the van.


At night it can be very easy to trip over ropes around your awnings, or equipment in the shadows. Today there are plenty of lighting options to help you be both safe and secure at your site.

You can choose from gas powered, battery operated or solar lighting so you can have light in unusual places without dangling power cords and making tripping hazards. Solar lighting has come a long way these days and there are options of fairy lights in trees for ambience, motion activation, or with the ability to last longer than just a few hours.

Cooking Facilities

Many caravanners adventure during the summer months, and find cooking inside makes the caravan too hot for a comfortable evening sleep. Having the ability to cook outside in a safe and clean environment can increase the pleasure of your summer evenings.

Having a portable BBQ that you can easily pack away when you are finished gives you plenty of cooking options. Check your BBQ regularly for hygiene and cleanliness and be sure you have fire extinguishers, fire blankets and smoke alarms as part of your safety equipment.

If you decide to use the facilities on site, be sure you have your own set of utensils, and a cleaning kit to give the BBQ a good scrub before you use it. If you are going to cook on an open fire, be sure to follow through with safety and douse the fire when you are finished.


Considering options of what you will do while away from it all is important. While you may be happy to curl up with a good book after dark or if it is raining, other members of your group may need extra games and activities to stave off boredom.

A pack of cards can be used for memory, snap or go fish with the younger ones, or more complex games with older people. Bring along a few jigsaws, some drawing or painting equipment, or story telling props and prompts can be of use, bring some clothes to dress up in and put on an impromptu play.

You could even get the kids to help you with cooking, and while it may take a little longer, you make dinner as well as keeping them busy.

If the weather is great, you will still want to take some other forms of entertainment. After fishing, swimming, hiking and exploring your family may want to chill out near the caravan and do other activities. Bring kites, scooters, tennis racquets and balls, or even a giant chess set to while away the time.

Take advantage of the opportunity to do something different and create some wonderful holiday memories.