While preparing for a caravan trip can take a little time, and sometimes a bit of practice to get everything right, the benefits of caravanning off the beaten track are many. Spending time outdoors on a regular basis makes a difference to your happiness, your fitness and your health.

If you want to get away every weekend, a caravan is perfect as it can be ready to go quickly, giving you the opportunity to unplug, recharge and relax as often as possible.

Here Are Just Some of the Benefits of Taking a Caravan Trip.

Listed below are just some of the ways taking time out from everyday and getting back to nature with a caravan can be of benefit for you and your whole family.

In today’s busy lifestyle, less stress.

Getting away from the noise and demand of every day allows your body and brain to switch to a relaxation mode and gives you the chance to recharge. Opportunities to see and experience new scenery stimulates the brain, strengthening the connections between the brain cells helping to keep you mentally active.

Waking up in the morning and seeing the filtered light through the trees, stepping outside and seeing the embers in the fireplace, taking that first big breath of fresh clean air. You simply feel good!

You naturally engage in exercise.

You may go for a swim in the creek, a hike up the mountain, gather wood to build a fire, or catch some fish for dinner.

If you stay near the seaside, you can go surfing, walk your dog along the beach, or collect shells with your children (or the grand kids).

All of these activities produce endorphins, so you will naturally feel good about yourself, and depending the length of your stay, you may also notice yourself getting fitter and healthier as a result.

When you do an activity together as a family, you learn more about each other, and build a bond. Your children will gain confidence in their abilities, increase their independence and gain maturity. They will become more capable and able to achieve.

Less technology, more time socialising.

It could be spending time with friends and family, or making new friends at the camp site. You’ll make some great memories of fun times, as well as struggles you overcame. “Remember the night of the storm and Jack still wanted to make a fire to roast marshmallows, so you stood in the rain holding umbrellas over the wood hoping it would catch alight?“

Another great way to socialise is to join a caravan club and go on regular outings together.

You will find a wealth of knowledge about places that are off the beaten track, tried and true tricks to make caravanning easier, great recipes for the evening fire… maybe even make a damper on a stick!

You will take on and overcome new challenges.

While in your home away from home, you won’t have access to all the things you usually have, so you may have to find some creative solutions for everyday activities. This helps your confidence and capacity to achieve more, as well as keeping your brain active and healthy.

The first stage with caravanning is learning how to pack your van for every activity you want to do. Then while at the campsite you may learn how to fish, find out how to cook in a camp oven, try out a bush recipe, photograph some wildlife, explore a bush track, or learn to use a compass, the possibilities are endless!

More holiday options with your pets.

Finding a kennel for your dog when you go away can be expensive and difficult, and if you are close to them you may fret for their well being while you are away (or they fret for you).

Having the option to take your pet with you can increase your enjoyment and reduce the cost of your holiday, allowing you to go more often, you could even do regular weekends away.

Simply unplug and get back to nature.

Having time to listen to the morning birdsong as you watch the sunrise. Having a day full of swimming, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, hiking, bush walking, exploring the local tracks and walkways, or simply reading and relaxing.

Then at night watching the sunset, grabbing a torch to see the possums, doing some stargazing, making bonfires and toasting marshmallows, all at your doorstep.

There really is nothing quite like it.