Boy racers, revheads and hoons; sometimes it seems Australia loves to hate the world of the motor enthusiast. So you might be surprised to learn that after-market car modifications are worth around $11 billion a year to the Australian economy. Motor enthusiasts love their cars and lavish time and money on making individual and beautiful vehicles. The good news, if you are like-minded and considering car finance, is that most cars bought to be modified are affordable, reliable and easy to repair and maintain.

Car Finance for modified cars

1. Turning heads

Essentially, the purpose of these cars is to be tinker projects for the mechanically minded, so what classes as cool in the revhead world? The first priority is power. Discretion is not a word that is readily understood by the car enthusiast. Cool cars are there to be seen and heard. So, if you’re starting with a standard engine, you will need to ramp up the volume. The key to this is getting your engine to take in more fuel and more air by upgrading your air filter and induction kit. These are readily available and easy to fit, so they will give your engine back its roar in no time. While you’re at it, you may as well attach a supercharger to add serious horsepower to match that noise.

On the subject of noise, if you love music almost as much as your car, you’ll also need to think about investing some cash in a subwoofer and amp set-up to give your tunes their bass back. Don’t forget a deck if you want to have total control of the sound system.

2. Computer Games

If you are a tech geek as well as a revhead, you’ll love playing with the onboard electronics.  Almost every vehicle built since the mid 1990s has a computerised onboard diagnostics (OBD) system. At its simplest, you can install a performance chip in the same way as you’d add a chip to your home computer. This can give you the opportunity to override some of the factory settings on your car. For example, you could get more control over combustion and fuel efficiency.

If you just love dials and keeping an eye on your car’s vital statistics, connect up your computer to monitor the OBD system. Sometimes called OBD II, you can use these systems to monitor your actual fuel consumption, horsepower and even the speed of just one wheel.

3. Rip It Out

If you’ve spent ages comparing cars and car loans, it might seem madness to then start pulling apart your new investment, but sometimes this is the cheapest and easiest way to modify a car and improve performance. Removing unnecessary parts and trim, or swapping them for lighter versions, is a quick way to reduce your car’s weight and increase its performance. Also note that there are many modified vehicle car clubs in each state that will be able to provide a plethora of information to help you on your journey of modifying your vehicle

But, as with all modifications, bear in mind the laws on modifications in your state, the effect on the value of your car and whether the changes might affect your insurance policy. If in doubt, check first and stick to changes that are easily removed.

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