As the Queensland Caravan, Camping and Touring Holiday show has just been in the Brisbane showgrounds over the long weekend, now is a great time to purchase your Caravan and get out on the road for your own adventure holiday.

With the range of options in style and size of Caravans today you can find one to suit almost every individual or group. The bigger questions come down to the way you want to use the caravan, and the style of holidays you want to take.

Are you planning regular weekend getaways or a month-long tour? Will you need space for guests, children or other family members, or is it just the two of you? Are you heading bush, or to a powered site in a caravan park?

Let’s explore some of these in more detail, to help you get the best from your Caravan experience.

How Do You Plan to Use Your Caravan?

Where are you planning to go?

If you plan to go to one site and not move, having a larger caravan is both convenient and easy. You pack it once for everything you will be doing, set up on site and go and enjoy the day.

If you are travelling to several locations, a smaller or lighter Caravan you can quickly pack up and get on the road with is worth considering. Are you going to be staying mainly in parks with powered sites, or in out of the way places and need your own source of power and water.

Who is going with you?

Is it just a few adults, a family with younger children, or teenagers? Each of these have differing needs.

Some of your options for sleeping include a double bed, bunk beds, a convertible club lounge or using an annex for extra people to stay in. If your children are young, their needs will change as they grow and you may need to choose something with flexibility and options.

If you have children with you, having space for them to spread out is also important for the enjoyment of everyone on the trip. Each style of van has it’s purpose, and if you aren’t sure, you can always expand your living area to suit with annexes.

How long and often are you going for?

For regular weekends away, a smaller caravan, a motorhome or pop up is a great choice as they are easy to manoeuvre and don’t take as long to pack and get ready.

For longer periods, you will want a bigger van with more room to be able to give everyone breathing space, especially if you get caught in bad weather and are cooped up together for a few days.

Some people enjoy getting out on the road for months at a time, and with the capacity to work from almost anywhere in some industries, can make a permanent home in their van.

Options of an ensuite, a fridge and cooking facilities help accommodate for long term living.

Second Hand or New

Do you already have a list of needs and want a van built to your specifications, or would you like to get an older one and modify it to suit?

Changing a new van can void the manufacturer’s warranty, so if you like to renovate and make changes a second hand van is the better option. Do be careful to research second hand models, and make sure the one you choose has a good service history, and no concerns with leaks.

Storing the Caravan when not in use

Also to consider is the size you have to store the caravan. Do you have enough room at your house, or will you need to rent a location for storage?

Perhaps you have a friend or family member who has room at their property for the van, or could you use it as extra living space* or even and office or craft room at home when not on the road? *Be sure to check council regulations before using a van as secondary living.

Buying a caravan wrap up:

Getting a Caravan that will suit for most travels for the next 5 years is a good plan.

Take into consideration getting something with enough room for changes in your lifestyle, for children or grandchildren and their friends, or extra family members that may come holiday or stay with you. Some of these things you simply cannot plan for, as lifestyle changes happen you can always get a bigger or smaller van to suit those changes and keep enjoying the great outdoors.