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No matter what kind of traveller you are, you can be sure there is a caravan, camper trailer or motorhome to fit your lifestyle. That’s what makes them such great recreational choices for those looking for something a little different in their life, or simply want options when they do travel.

With both new and used models available and excellent caravan finance options available from us at 360 Caravan Loans, if you’ve ever considered doing some caravan travelling, now is the perfect time to get in touch and see how we can make the experience come true.

What type of Caravan Traveller are you?

So you own a caravan, camper trailer or motorhome and like to get out and about. But what kind of traveller are you when starting a new journey? Do you go out of your way to explore and experience new things, or are you set with your own routines and customs when travelling the road?

With the variety of caravans, camper trailers and motorhomes available on the market, all kinds of travellers are getting out and about and enjoying the benefits these recreational vehicles offer.

Today we look at some of the types of travelling groups drawn to the appeal of caravanning. Do you fall into one of the following traveller sub-groups or perhaps something in between?

Caravan Finance for the Adventurer


The Adventurer

Relishing new sites and sounds, the adventurous traveller sets new exciting destinations and activities to visit when going caravanning around Australia.

Typically not interested in staying in one spot for too long, they will take the time to plan and chart out their route, before setting off and experiencing all that caravanning and motorhome life has to offer.

Each week can be a new adventure for this traveller, absorbing the sights, sounds and tourist attractions of an area rather than staying put in a place months at a time. Each time to move is another opportunity to forge new memories and new friends; caravanning gives them the ability to break free from the restraints of being tied down to one location.

Escape the chaos with caravan finance

The Escapee

The traveller who heads with their caravan, camper trailer or in their motorhome to a destination in an effort to get away from it all.

When the holiday period rolls around they are ready to make a move to their favourite location, excited to have some time to themselves to enjoy the finer things in life. The climate is a big reason many ‘escapees’ like to travel to their chosen areas, escaping their colder home cities for a bit more sun and warmth, especially during the winter seasons.

While they may try several ‘escapee’ locations, they usually have one that they go back to time after time again, looking forward to catching up with old friends they have met previously.

Because of this, the escapee generally sticks to van parks, where large groups can congregate and play a range of activities together. Whether it be golf, cookouts, hitting the surf or card games, this traveller lives to use their caravan as tool to enhance their holidays, letting them stay somewhere with a strong sense of community and without the high price of accommodation.

The caravanning explorer

The Explorer

Similar to the adventurer in many ways, the explorer loves to get off the beaten track and take things as they come. With a loose idea of the direction they are headed, these travellers go out of their way to get ‘lost’, whether it be to get closer to nature or just the excitement of going with the flow.

They are usually associated as free campers – those who do not stay in van parks when travelling, or only do so to supply the essentials before heading out again (such as batteries, water, washing, etc.) This leads to many using solar panels or carrying a generator with them, as well as large amounts of drinking water so they can continue exploring as uninterrupted as possible.

They may or may not stay in one area for long. What’s important is the journey and the experience of being able to explore as they see fit, with the conveniences that a caravan, a camper trailer or motorhome brings to the trip.

Anchored and staying put

The Anchored

Opposite to the adventurer, these travellers are the ones who really like to set down somewhere once making the journey and enjoy their new surroundings. Similar to the escapee, they may have an established spot where they like to settle down, but due to the length of their stays they are just as likely to venture and try new destinations.

Of course, since they do set down for six or more months at a time, certain lifestyles are more suited to this type of travel – ideal for those who have retired for example.

It also takes a greater deal of planning, as anchoring down in a van park for months at a time requires proper preparation. Still, for some they some, they wouldn’t have it any other way, with their caravan acting as their permanent home.