What Investment is Best for Your Wandering Spirit?

Have you been bitten by the travel bug and wish to see more of Australia’s natural beauty, explore quaint towns and experience diverse city life? Do you have a significant other, or a family who would love to join you in your travels?

How about a travelling method which would be cost-effective, eliminates the need for hotels and motels and acts as your cross-country vehicle and mobile home all in one?

campervan on the road

If you are keen to preserve your finances while seeing as much of the Australian landscape as possible and you have the time up your sleeve to do so at your leisure then you should seriously consider investing in a caravan, camper van trailer, or, RV.

If you are keen to take this route of touring your next major consideration is whether you should buy a caravan outright, or, pay it off over time by choosing a suitable repayment loan plan.  Much of this decision making will rely upon your current financial position and job stability. If you are financially well-off and are sure your job is safe, or, are happily retired with secure finances then you are most likely in the enviable position of being able to purchase a caravan outright if that is what you choose.

However, if your finances are a little tighter, or you are unsure about your job stability, or, have accrued debt it would be best to talk to the 360 Caravan Loan experts about taking out a loan on a tailored repayment plan. It may also prove worthwhile to talk to a financial consultant to get a clear idea of the viability of this venture and determine what sort of repayment plan would be optimal for your circumstances.

Advantages of Taking out a Camper trailer, RV, or Caravan Loan

It requires far less money upfront, meaning less scrimping and saving and the ability to get into a van sooner! You still need to budget accordingly to pay off the loan,  but your cash-flow is freed up.

  • caravan in mirrorMaintenance and repair charges might fall under the warranty of the lessor. You should check about the lease terms to see if you qualify.
  • You might not bear the brunt of disposal, or, replacement costs once the camper’s life-span expires. Once again, you should check your contract.
  • You will have access to borrowing power incentives and might be able to work upfront discounts into your repayment plans.

 Disadvantages of Buying a Mobile Holiday Home Upfront

  • It requires a huge upfront investment of capital which may not be ideal in such harsh and uncertain economic times, especially considering the constant rise in cost of living expenses.
  • The caravan depreciates in value as it ages and you will have to cover the cost of maintenance and repairs out of your own pocket
  • Once the caravan has reached its life-expectancy limit with costly repairs and maintenance seeming to do little to keep it running you will incur the cost of replacing it, or, getting rid of it.
Caravan Finance Calculator

Benefits of Choosing 360 Caravan Loans

360 Caravan loans are experts in the industry, and have the knowledge to help you get into your caravan sooner. Here are some of the benefits of choosing us for your Caravan, Campervan, Trailer or RV Finance.

  • We represent the pinnacle of caravan financing solutions
    We are Australia’s #1 caravan finance broker and a top 200 ASX listed company. We have helped many caravanning enthusiasts attain their dream machine thanks to our immense buying power, low repayment rates, tailored financing options and track record of going above and beyond to deliver client satisfaction
  • Free online calculator
    You can use our online finance calculator to find out whether a caravan loan is indeed within the realm of possibility. This handy tool will work out an estimated repayment amount based off the sum you are intending to borrow and some other important details. This calculator ought to be your first stop when considering this mode of holidaying.
  • Fast approval
    When you are ready to go ahead with committing to a loan, you can get quick, no-fuss approval and same day settlement with no deposit required, within 10 minutes. Call us on 1300 361 360 to lodge your application directly with our customer service experts and ask any questions you may have. You can also lodge your application online through our free quote page.
  • Competitive, low interest rates
    You can take advantage of interest loan repayment rates starting at 5.99% thanks to our longstanding partnership with our lending partners. The industry norm starts at approximately 6.86%
  • We will beat any written quote
    If you’ve shopped around and obtained a few quotes we will compete to match them and will even give you $50 upfront for your sleuthing efforts.
  • A niche, specialised service
    Unlike other finance providers who throw their net across all types of vehicle financing arrangements, we here at 360 Caravan Loans are niche specialists who live and breathe caravan financing only. We have unparalleled experience in this type of investment so you know we are on top of industry developments with access to the best deals thanks to our partnership with over 30 of Australia’s best bank and non-bank lenders.
  • Customised loan repayments for New and Used Caravans
    When you deal with us we will discuss your financial situation and other important factors in detail to come up with a tailored caravan loan financing plan. You can choose from loan terms of 12 months up to 7 years, balloon repayment options are also on the table, insurance and on-road bundles might be applicable so you benefit from upfront cost discounts and interest rate discounts, as well as, no deposit options.
  • Your financial past transgressions will be overlooked
    If you have been in debt before and now have a bad credit rating, or, if you’ve even experienced bankruptcy, but have now recovered, we won’t hold your history against you. We aren’t concerned with your chequered financial past, if you have recovered we will do all we can to make your caravanning dream a reality.
  • We will help finance your desired caravan, RV, or, camper trailer anywhere in Australia
    If you have your heart set on a private seller or commercial dealer, whether you are interested in a new, or, used mobile holiday home here in Queensland, or, interstate we can help.

Campervan and Campervan Running Cost Overview

Ongoing costs when investing in a mobile vacationing home should also be part of your decision making process, below is some information to help guide you through.

campervan with bikes

Fuel – Filling up your camper will be a regular, ongoing cost. With fuel prices on the rise, you should do some costing to figure out how out of pocket you will be if you manage to visit all your intended destinations across Australia.
Site Fees – if you don’t manage to find a free overnight park for your van you will be shelling out for site fees. Site fees vary greatly between caravan park operators, though on the whole are still cheaper than hotel and motel prices.
Gas & Electricity – You will want to be able to hook your camper up to a gas and/or electricity mains device when at a camping site to use your appliances, or, you will need to equip yourself with enough gas bottles to sustain you throughout the trip. You can stick with one, but you will be refilling it often.
Insurance – you should be able to get insurance included in your loan to ensure peace of mind and cover any damage.
Maintenance and Repairs – You should see what is included in you warranty when it comes to upkeep costs. The older the vehicle gets, the more maintenance it will require.
Budgeting – If you have gone with a 360 caravan loan option then you should keep in mind your budget and make sure you are not exceeding your weekly spending allocations.

For extra tips feel free to take a look at our blog post on Planning Your First Caravan or Campervan Purchase to review your options and further considerations.