Planning is an essential part of ensuring you have a great experience when purchasing your first campervan or caravan. There are many options available in sleeping arrangements, livable space, facilities that are appropriate for short term or long terms breaks, and the financial benefits of purchasing a van to own versus the cost of staying in hotels.

While purchasing your first caravan is a big step, you will be joining a growing number of Australians who are taking advantage of the great outdoors finding a great experience, creating great memories and enjoying seeing more of our country than ever before.

Researching Caravan and Campervan Options

Most people research prior to purchasing, in order to get the best caravan most suited to their needs for the immediate future, and hopefully into the long term.

You can find extra information to help you in your decision making process throughout our website including:

How Often Will You Use Your Van?

For some people, a caravan or campervan is perfect for multiple short breaks every year. As they keep the van fully stocked with equipment, it’s as simple as buying some groceries or doing a little cooking in advance and getting out the door.

If you keep a good spread of dried and packaged goods in the van, you may even be able to get straight on the road and pickup some fruit and vegetables on the way to go with your fresh fish for dinner. Some even keep a second set of clothes in the van so it’s faster and easier to get on the road.

Do you think you would enjoy going away every other weekend? Hitting the road on Friday after work, and spending a couple of nights by the seaside or in the bush, having a nature retreat and getting a chance to get away. When you own your van, it’s easy to do as often as you like.

morning campers

Others prefer the longer break and take a week at a time, 2 or 3 times a year, going on a long drive to see and experience new territory. For some it’s catching those big waves or that big fish, for others it’s crossing the 12 apostles off their bucket list on their trek along the Great Ocean Road.

The options are endless and you get to see and experience so much more when you have your own van.

How Much Can You Afford?

While researching the type of van you want to buy, also do the research to make sure you are comfortable with the level of expenditure to buy the van of your dreams. The team at 360 are experienced in the field of Campervan and Caravan finance and have the knowledge to guide you with any questions you may have.

We also have an online caravan finance calculator that can help you to ascertain what your repayments will be weekly, fortnightly or monthly, with or without a balloon payment, and how much time and money you will save if you were to make extra repayments. Simple!

Take the Time to Experience Australia

Australians are fortunate to have many opportunities for leisure time and we have an amazing country to explore, from the snow-capped mountains in winter to the beautiful sandy beaches all year round, with wide open expanses, stunning forests and crystal clear creeks. Where would you dare to go if you had more options about how long you could stay?

caravan in the snow

Bring the family with you for some amazing memories and take time for hiking, getting back to nature, capturing scenic photography or simply reading a book, and have your home away from home nearby in your own van.