So you have done the research, chosen the caravan of your dreams and purchased it. You have great ideas about taking your family with you to experience more of what Australia has to offer, and have some locations in mind.

You know that there are benefits in your purchase of this holiday asset, and that it will serve your family very well if you want to take regular short breaks, especially when compared to the price of staying at hotels vs caravans.

You’ve taken some time off work, or are planning to go on a long weekend to test it out first, but what do you need to take with you, and how much will it really cost?

Caravanning for Cheap Holidays


Getting setup in your caravan is one of the costs to consider.

You may choose to take what you need from your house each time, especially in the beginning, but with experience you may find it simpler to keep a set of everything you need in the caravan at all times so there is less packing to do and you can get on the road faster, which is great for people who want to take many short breaks in the year.

To equip your caravan consider things like security, lighting, bedding, clothing, cooking facilities and entertainment.

When going on longer breaks remember to bring entertainment for everyone who is with you, just taking time out from the busy everyday activities and doing the simple things together can be very enjoyable, bring board games, cards or balloons for some family fun.

Once you have everything you need in your caravan, and feel it is fully equipped and ready to get out on the open roads, as with any caravan holiday there are other costs you need to consider, many of these costs are likely to be the same as holidaying in a hotel, but you are saving on one of the biggest expenditures – accommodation costs.

Items to include in your Budget

While every person enjoys different things on their holiday breaks, generally there are some basics that need to be covered.

Here is a short list of items to consider:

  • Fuel – remember that your car is towing more and will use more fuel than normal, but how much more depends on a few factors including the age and make of the towing vehicle. If you are travelling in the outback, you will also want some extra fuel canisters. Here’s a great video of a fuel comparison test.
  • Servicing – See if the car needs an extra check-up before heading on the road.
  • Camping Fees – Check out Free vs Paid sites to decide what facilities you want, or could do without.
  • Groceries – You could allow for some takeaways, or make everything you need in the van. Keep a stash of non-perishable goods for anytime snacks and don’t forget to pack the tea and coffee!
  • Entertainment – is bush walking and getting back to nature enough for everyone to do, or will you go to the movies, go on a charter boat or perhaps a night or two on the town. Make sure you allow enough to cover these expenditures.
  • Clothing – as you will be spending more time outdoors, you may need to purchase some extra items and pack for all seasons so you don’t get caught out by cooler nights. Be sure to have some walking shoes as well as rubber things or sandals for the shower blocks.

Of course, there may be other items for you to include depending on your interests and the length of time you are planning to travel, but this can help you get started with what to plan for an budget for your getaway.

Relaxing caravan holidayPrepare for Emergencies

As always, be prepared and you will have less concerns if an emergency were to happen. Some of those are vehicle related, including tyres, windscreens and mechanical repairs, so be sure to have enough insurance and a roadside assistance program.

Other items are for the people you are travelling with, so be sure to take a medical kit, sunscreen, matches to light a campfire and even some garden solar lights to help you see better at night. Don’t forget to pack your chargers for your phones so you can keep in touch easily.

Enjoy your Getaway

Once you are all set to go, get down to the business of having a good time. If you have been unsure of what to take due to budget or time restraints, just remember that you can always buy it on the road if it ends up being something that is essential. You may find other ways, or even someone at the campsite might be able to give you a hand or lend you what you need.

Take advantage of the opportunity to get away from it all and explore some places you may not have been to before, enjoy the beautiful bush and beaches, relax and recharge by doing some reading and make some great memories for years to come.