Novated Leasing for Pre Tax Benefits

Wanting employee benefits? Have you heard about salary packaging? Looking for a tax effective way of financing your car?  A Novated Lease could be the answer.

Novated Leasing in a Nutshell

A Novated Lease is an agreement between you, your employer and the finance company.  Your employer has the responsibility for the lease but the lease payments are made from your pre-tax pay and you get the use of the car.

A Novated Lease Might Suit You

A Novated Lease is suitable for employees who want to include a motor vehicle as part of their salary package, however recent proposed changes to Fringe Benefit Tax mean that a Novated Lease may not be the best option for every employee so make sure you seek independent advice about which product is suitable for you.

Firstly your employer needs to offer salary packaging as an option for employees to qualify. Secondly, you need to be using your car for predominantly business use, or your employer needs to be 100% FBT exempt.  These new changes are best explained by an expert.

When it comes to buying a business vehicle, a Novated Lease may mean you can access tax savings and can package the running costs as well as other range of benefits.

Benefit with a 360 Finance Novated Lease

  • Flexible lease terms from 12-60 months
  • Car running costs are paid in pre-tax dollars, meaning potential tax savings.
  • Fixed interest rate for the life of the lease
  • Fixed repayments for the life of the lease
  • Lower interest rates than our competitors
  • Finance 100% of the purchase price (subject to credit approval)
  • Financed amount is less GST – GST on the purchase price of the vehicle is claimed back by the finance provider on your behalf. This lowers the amount financed to the purchase price minus GST
  • Portable – a Novated Lease can be re-novated from one employer to the next (subject to the new employer’s acceptance.)
  • Choice of car to best suit your needs
  • Speed of approval means you could be in your new car within 24 hours
  • Hands on personalised service from an experienced car leasing consultant