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What is Tyre & Wheel Insurance and why might you need it.

When it comes to driving, your car is only as good as its wheels on the road. Provide your car and your family with the best protection in the form of a Tyre & Wheel Insurance to cover repair or replacement of damaged tyres including damaged wheel rims.

As the name would suggest, Tyre & Wheel Insurance is an insurance policy that helps protect you against the financial impact of costs associated with accidental damage to tyres such as blow outs, pot holes, nails/screws, glass, road debris as well as damage to Rims caused from buckling or scraping on kerbs.

Speak to one of our Finance Specialist about Tyre & Wheel Insurance and how to include this in easy monthly payments with your finance.

Benefits of Tyre & Wheel insurance:

Covers against accidental damage
Provides a level of cover or tyres and wheels which are often not included in standard Comprehensive Car Insurance policies.
Reduces the financial impact of repairs
Reduce the financial impact of tyre damage, punctures and repair plus the associated towing cost in the event of tyre damage.
Unlimited puncture repairs
Policies can include unlimited tyre puncture repairs Australia-wide.
No excess or upfront cost of repairs
The policy is designed to get you back on the road quickly with no upfront cost or excess required by you.

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