Leisure Finance for your Recreational Needs

360 Finance can help you find the best type of loan and the most favourable terms for the purchase of a boat, a caravan or a motorbike. You don’t need to wait to set out on your cross-country adventures, whether you’d prefer to camp in the comfort of a caravan, explore Oceania’s coastlines, bays and islands in your own boat or explore the outback on a motorbike. Whether you have a need for speed or you prefer a comfortable ramble, you’ll be able to purchase the caravan, bike or boat you’ve been wishing for with a little help from 360 Leisure Finance. You can stop putting your dreams on the back burner. With the right financial product, your happiness doesn’t have to wait.

Boat Finance

Select “boat finance” to find out about the types of loans available for the purchase of a new or used boat. You’ll see a list of the benefits of financing your boat through 360 Finance and you’ll learn about the typical terms of a boat loan and the types of loans that are available for boat financing in Australia. Find out what it means to work with 360 Finance to secure a boat loan that will fit your circumstances.

Caravan Finance

Select “Caravan finance” for information on loan types, including secured and unsecured loans. The article discusses the terms that you will typically encounter when choosing between options for a Caravan loan, including playback period and early repayment options. Learn about the benefits of working with 360 Leisure Finance on your caravan financing.