Secured Car Loans at Competitive Rates & Repayments

Are you looking for a low rate car loan? Wanting to own your own car but worried about your budget? Our Secured Car Loans offer you the most the competitive rates and repayments in the market today! With exposure to specialised loan products we always have a loan to suit any budget or requirement. It works by using the car as security and by approaching the lender that best fits your lending profile. The lender may be a niche player in your market and by you offering the car as security, their risk is lowered and therefore they can afford to offer you a better interest rate than another bank.

Secured Car Loans in a Nutshell

A car loan is an advance of funds with the sole purpose of purchasing of a car.  When it comes to a Secured Car Loan, the funds are provided specifically for the purchase of a car and can’t be used for any other purchase (that would be a unsecured loan which 360 can help with too).

When you purchase the car and pick up the key, you take ownership of the car, but your finance provider takes an interest in the car.  If you default on the loan repayments, the finance company may repossess the car to recover any outlay of costs.

Once the contract is paid off, the finance provider passes title you.

Here at 360, we are all about easy, fast and convenient Personal Car Loans.  A Secured Car Loan offers the following benefits.

Benefit with a 360 Finance Secured Car Loan

  • Most competitive interest rate in the market
  • Flexible and fixed rate car loan terms from 1 year to 7 years
  • Secured Car Loan residuals from 10-60%
  • Fixed payments to suit your budget and pay dates
  • Low monthly repayments
  • Loans with NO fees
  • Hands on personalised service giving you access to specialist financial help and information
  • The flexibility to use some of your own cash towards the purchase