Insurance Options to Keep You Covered

360 Finance can do more than just arrange car, truck, boat, motorbike or equipment financing. We can provide you with the perfect policy for your new purchase.

Comprehensive Car Insurance

You know that you’re going to need insurance for your car; it’s the law. Select “Comprehensive Car Insurance” to find out about the types of policies that you might be interested in and how 360 Finance can get you the best deal on comprehensive car insurance. Learn the meanings of insurance terms like “market value,” “excess,” “agreed value” and “no claims discount.”

Extended Vehicle Warranty

Select “Extended Vehicle Warranty” to find out what types of repairs are and are not typically covered under an extended warranty and about the extended warranty options that are available through 360 Finance.

Loan Protection Insurance

Select “Loan Protection Insurance” if you would like to find out how you can eliminate your risk of loan default in the event of involuntary unemployment, disability or death.